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Using Observational Skills to Fine-Tune Your Poker Reading Abilities

888poker using observational skills

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You’ve been dealt a trash hand for the 5th time in a row. After quickly mucking, what do you do? If you’re like most players, you’ve probably used this downtime to surf social media, catch up on sports, or text a friend about how bad you’re running.

But is this the best use of your time?

And will it help you make profitable decisions in the long run?

I’d argue that the answer is no. There are many benefits to honing your observational skills and staying engaged in the game even when you are not in the hand.

We all know that poker is a game that requires both solid strategy and a keen mindset. What is less often talked about is the role that deliberate observation can play in your overall success.

Remember that just because you’ve folded your hand doesn’t mean your work is done!

To learn more about using your observational skills at the tables even when you're not involved in a hand and how this can help significantly improve your results, be sure to visit the 888poker Magazine to read the full article.

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