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So, You Think You Can Bluff? Rate Your Bluffing Skills Here!

888poker you think you can bluff

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Poker is all about telling a story. Good bluffers tell convincing tales – unlike that sleazy salesperson who promises you the moon or that fair-weather friend who can’t get back to you because they “never check their phone” and “just aren’t big on texting.”

None of that nonsense. Good bluffers are good bluffers because they’re believable. In the case of the salesperson analogy, you would be willing to buy what they’re selling.

  • And that all starts with the story.
  • What makes a good poker story?
  • The underlying theme of any poker story is table image.
  • Table image is how other players see you.

Do they think you are a maniac player pulling fast ones—a real-life Bluffer-ella?
Or do they think you are a sweet little fawn who only bets when you have it?

People won’t solely judge the believability of your bluff. They’ll judge YOUR believability. If you'd like to learn how to tell more convincing stories at a poker table, be sure to visit the 888poker Magazine to read the full article.

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