Introduction to Cryptocurrency Sports Betting – How to Get Started

Intro to crypto sports betting

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Last Updated: May 13, 2022

The first important thing you must know is that there are two main types of bets available to you: Online casino games and online sports betting.

The main difference between the two is that the casino games are played against the dealer or other players. In sports betting, you're only a spectator of a match or an event and don't have a direct influence on the outcome.

Before the match starts, there is a period during which you can place your predictions. Once that period is over, you can no longer bet.

Those bettors who can predict a fair number of outcomes correctly over a long time will come out ahead.

Of course, every betting site has its own particular rules and terms that you should be aware of when starting out.

Many physical sports bookmakers have launched their platforms online over the past few years. As a result, many dedicated sports betting websites are available today for players to choose from based on their preferences.

As far as sports betting choices are considered, the range is vast and includes sports like football, basketball, horse racing, hockey, cockfighting, and more.

While certain jurisdictions have banned such activities, most countries/regions consider sports betting a legit form of gambling. Sports bettors can easily choose their websites and place bets on their favorite sports without any obstacles.

Fundamentals of Crypto Sports Betting

The first thing to understand is that there is no difference between crypto sports betting and regular sports betting on the fundamental level. The only real difference is when it comes to payments.

For example, crypto gamblers choose a specific cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. To make the payment, bettors need to have a specific cryptocurrency amount deposited into their betting account.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a specific betting platform (that indeed accepts crypto payments) and create an account.

Sign in to the sports betting website you have chosen and link your crypto wallet to credit funds to the website.

Using your casino wallet, you can make the first deposit using a chosen cryptocurrency.

Once the betting website acquires a specific amount, players can explore the sportsbook section on the site, pick out their preferred sports, and place bets on them.

An essential point for players is that some betting websites specifically allow their players to withdraw their winnings from their websites by first converting a cryptocurrency into a fiat currency at the up-to-the-minute rates.

Why Bet With Cryptocurrencies?

If you're new to the world of crypto betting, you might be wondering what the advantages of using these instead of more traditional payment methods are. We bring you a couple of the biggest ones.

Why bet with cryptocurrencies


Depositing and withdrawing your winnings from a sports betting website using traditional payment options, it is possible to have a less than stellar experience (slow withdrawals, long verification procedures, etc.).

On the other hand, gamblers using crypto betting options feel at ease doing so. You can deposit and withdraw your winnings almost in a flash and very conveniently.

Safe & Protected Transactions 

Making transactions using cryptocurrencies, the information remains between you and the sports bookmakers' website.

With this in mind, the odds of third-party financial institutions poking their nose into your transactions are abridged. These payments are incredibly safe and protected when you deposit and withdraw your funds. This is truly a great option for players who want to protect their privacy.

Factors to Take Care of While Crypto Sports Betting

Once you have made up your mind to participate in sports betting online, there are several things you need to take care of to ensure safe and fun gambling. These are as follows:

Get Your Funds Ready

If you want to gamble for real money, you need to be prepared to take a risk. You must have funds available and should probably have a bankroll management plan in place. For example, set the daily winning and losing amount.

Choose a Site That Caters to Your Needs

Always choose a reliable crypto sports betting website that has financial stability. There is a variety of sports to choose from, for example, basketball, cricket, football, horse racing, etc.

The selection of the website may come from the advice of friends who have experience in gambling or read reviews from trusted web reviews. You can visit CryptoNewsZ to get the top crypto sportsbooks with detailed reviews & features.

Learn How to Place Bets

Once you have found a website that you are satisfied with, apply for membership according to the website's steps. After that, you can choose the sports you are good at.

Place Bets on the Best Odds

Choosing to bet on games with the best odds will increase the amount you win. If the betting prices are high, it may result in you receiving low prize money not worth the investment.

Therefore, when choosing a website to play, choose the one that has low betting prices and the best odds first.

Study What You Want to Bet On 

The main things you should check are the statistics of the last 5-10 games and the statistics of the away or home matches. You should also look into the physical readiness of the athletes. These factors will help you make up your mind.

Future of Crypto Sports Betting

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and this trend will likely continue. The cryptocurrency economy has been thriving every year, and it has given a boost to sports betting crypto transactions.

Considering the growing popularity and demand for cryptocurrencies, many crypto users worldwide use crypto sportsbooks to place their bets.

Future of crypto betting

All of this gives a clue that the future of crypto sports betting will be even brighter. In particular, betting websites that mainly allow Bitcoin are growing faster compared to the rest.

So if you want to experience sports betting with Bitcoin, then choose one of the best Bitcoin sports betting websites to have a good experience.


The precision, safety, and flexibility of using cryptocurrency while placing bets on different sports websites ensure a hopeful future for sports betting.

Considering the operators, the enhanced trust of the bettors, and improved promotions you can find on crypto websites, it's no surprise these sportsbooks are becoming a strong force in the market.

Combining lower fees, maximum security, and faster transactions, crypto sports betting seems to be a cost-effective investment for any bettor out there!

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