Learning from the Pros: How to Get Better at Online Poker

learning poker from pros

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Last Updated: May 3, 2023

Do you have a desire to become a professional poker player? Or maybe you would just like to be one step ahead of your friends when you’re playing online.

No matter your reason, getting professional tips to learn more about poker will always help you progress.

With these tips, you will gain inside knowledge from some of the greatest poker brains available. No matter whether you’re a beginner looking to take the next step in your gameplay, or an expert who wants to continue to remain on top, tips and tricks in the world of online poker will always be beneficial.

Develop Your Knowledge

For beginners, before you start playing you must spend as much time as you can to develop your knowledge of the game. There are many resources that you can use to build this knowledge such as books, tutorials, blogs, and forums.

To truly indulge yourself in the world, join poker communities where you can share gaming experiences and read what other players have discovered. These communities give you the ability to learn from other peoples’ mistakes.

Using these educational mediums you can get valuable insight into what the best hands are, how to bluff, dealing, and knowing when to raise or fold. Be comfortable making observations and know exactly when the right time to strike is.

Test Your Knowledge

When you have built a good amount of knowledge, start to use it on online poker sites, and learn even more through real-time experiences.

To truly understand all of the jargon and lingo that comes with poker, playing tournaments is essential along with buy-ins, game formats, blinds, and prize structures.

Tournaments can help you develop new techniques and strategies which will help build your unique style of playing. Getting yourself prepared for the table's competitive environment will help you leverage your knowledge and expertise in the game.

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As with everything you do, the more you dedicate yourself to it, the better you will become. Poker requires the perfect blend of motivation, dedication, willingness, skill, and continued volume.

The 10,000-hour rule of becoming a master is very apparent in the world of poker. Professionals say that volume is one of the most important concepts for any new online poker player.

This is something they should try and grasp at an early stage if they have any chance of earning a decent amount sitting at an online table.

Read Player Tells

When you have grasped your style of gameplay it is time to start reading others. The traditional tells of live poker could come from a twitch, blink, beading sweat, cough, or change in body language.

These cannot be seen when playing poker online, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tells to be seen.

One of the most common things you will notice is timing. A player will usually have an idea of what they are going to do before they do it, especially if they don’t have much to play with.

You may notice that a player will take longer to check their hand if they have something to offer. Always remember that timing tells could be a part of a larger behavior pattern.


Try and keep a record of the games that you play. As with any job, poker requires constant evaluation if you’re going to progress.

Review the hands you have played and figure out the mistakes you made and if there was a reason for your decision. With self-evaluation, you can find the weakest areas of your game and turn them into strengths.

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Control Your Emotions

When playing online poker at high stakes, you must have a rational mind. To keep a rational mind when playing poker online you must control your emotions.

This control is especially important when you have received a significant loss and need to know how to deal with it.

Psychology is a big aspect of poker no matter if it is live or online, and the more experienced players can use a multitude of methods to coerce you to make reckless decisions.

Understand how to modify your strategy in response to your position, bet size, cards in hand, and your opponent's skill set.

Get Expert Help

Try to find a mentor who can teach you all the values that surround playing online poker. They will guide you to express the necessary patience and discipline that is required to become an expert in the game.

With the help of an expert, you can learn how you should play starting with varying poker hands and against players with a different playing style than you’re used to coming up against.

A mentor can help you gain the knowledge to analyze your game and understand the mistakes you have made so that you can learn to make them right.

If you are supervised and guided properly, you will find the real motivation to improve and, soon, you will achieve what you are striving for.


There is a lot of skill required in the game of poker. Dedication, motivation, and persistence are all essential to maximize your winning potential. Always remember that there is no quick way to success so continued practice is imperative.

You can never learn everything about poker, to remain on top of your game you need to continue to educate yourself to build your strategies and skill.

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