Jazz History: How Music Influenced the Casino Industry

music and casino industry

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Last Updated: April 17, 2023

There are few things that have quite as much influence as music does. There really aren’t that many things in day to day life that are not affected by music.

Even when it comes to the likes of personal workouts, the songs that you play can affect your mood in a way that can change how you perform.

When it comes to the likes of the casino industry, there have been some major influences from music. The way in which the casino world has changed because of music is very fascinating.

If you are curious as to the ways in which they have been related to each other, read the following.

Live Performances

Live music performances are always something that is going to bring people together. There is really no feeling like going out and seeing a really good performer live. This is why things like concerts and music festivals sell out around the world on a weekly basis.

This is something that casinos have picked up on a long time ago. Having a live performer in the house can really bring a lot more people into any room.

So it made sense that there were a lot of casinos around the world that made live performers a regular part of their offering. This can create a nice feel at any venue.

Typically, these performers would be jazz singers. This is because songs and singers in this style really match the vibe of most casinos. So they were definitely a welcome addition all of those years ago.

Some of the greatest jazz performers include the likes of Duke Ellington, the Bill Evans Trio, and Frank Sinatra. Casinos hire musicians to perform their music to this day.

Mood Boosting

Music is something that can have a really strong effect on a person’s mood. When it comes to playing games, being in a good mood is very important.

Using music to boost your mood is really going to help enhance your playing experience. This is something that brick-and-mortar casinos feature in their establishments.

importance of music at casinos

When you are looking to boost the mood in a casino, there is a good chance you will hear jazz music such as ‘But Not For Me’ by Chet Baker or Body and Soul by Amy Winehouse. These upbeat jazz tracks really help to get people going.

Even when you are playing at the likes of spincasino.com/nz/, you will hear music throughout your gaming. Professional sites like spincasino pay attention to all aspects of your entertainment, and music definitely enhances the enjoyment.

This is to help keep you engaged and having a good time. You can even use their casino app to play and listen to jazz music on your phone if you wish. This can really help to put you in the right mood.


Music that creates a good atmosphere can be an essential part of a business. Music had a massive influence on casinos in this sense.

Ensuring that there is a really good feeling when you walk into a casino leads to a more captivating experience.

This kind of an impact from music is what helped make casinos into a more immersive and fun place to be all over the world. With there being so many amazing jazz songs, casinos certainly aren’t lost for choice, either.

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