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Last Updated: February 4, 2023

Regarding fundamentals, betting on rugby union is similar to wagering on any other sport. Play betting is one of the most popular types of rugby union betting because it is the simplest to do, requiring you to pick which two teams will win.

Rugby bettors can also look into other bet types and odds, such as spread betting, prospects, over/under, impairments, profit bets, etc. Thus, you can be confident that there will be plenty of variety.

Furthermore, betting on rugby union must be incredibly easy if you're comfortable wagering on every other soccer code. There are no special bets or rules that you must learn.

Assume you've never bet on rugby union before. Still, you're comfortable with how betting works, possess internet access that can offer you plenty of details about the upcoming games, and are open to learning about the players and teams involved.

In that case, you must be prepared to place your first winning rugby union bets.

Rugby Union Rates

Rugby union betting odds are widely available on various online oddsmakers, including Betfinder on Betzillion, so you won't have any trouble finding them.

You'll also have no difficulty reading them if you've got a basic understanding of what sports betting odds imply.

However, you must know that the odds will vary based on the bookmaker. A bookie in the United States will exhibit odds in the American layout (+300), a sportsbook in Europe will showcase them in the decimal system (4.00), and a bookmaker in the United Kingdom will utilize the fractional application (3/1).

Regardless of where you bet from, whether in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, or even Tanzania, you can customize the odds in whatever format you prefer.

Even so, you must know that betting odds will differ between betting sites. Hence, you need to recognize one out of the three.

betting on rugby union

Bookmakers generate rugby union betting odds using their algorithms and systems, resulting in a market disparity, such as William Hill pricing Wasps RFC at 2/1 to beat Exeter Chiefs.

Simultaneously, Betway may provide 9/4 on the Wasps. The cost difference is likely minor but can add up over time.

It appears that it is strongly advised to only bet at the best rugby union betting sites with the best odds and financial records with multiple bookies to save money and bet with the best odds.

The Most Common Rugby Union Competitions and Tournaments

There are numerous rugby union leagues and competitions around the globe, but only a few are known for being the most famous.

These league teams and tournaments are widely known among rugby league bettors, owing to more online betting sites offering special promotions that enhance your betting experience.

Some of the most prevalent rugby union competitions include:

  1. European Rugby Champions Cup
  2. English Premiership Rugby
  3. European Rugby Challenge Cup
  4. Top 14
  5. Pro 14
  6. Rugby World Cup
  7. Rugby Championship
  8. Six Nations Championship

The History of the Rugby Union

Rugby union dates back to the 19th century, which was preceded by various sports played much before our period.

It was only during the mid-nineteenth century that rugby union laws were developed and compiled; therefore, it is not too far off to say that rugby league began around 200 years ago.

The origins of rugby union can be traced back to three events:

  • The first set of regulations was written in 1845.
  • The ruling of the Blackheath Club to leave the Football Federation in 1863
  • The official formation of the Rugby Football Union in 1871.

“Rugby Union” was coined to distinguish it from traditional rugby. Furthermore, rugby was briefly a rigidly amateur league code, with the rugby union not becoming an “open” tournament until 1995.

Rugby union, as little more than a sport, hasn't evolved much over the years, but it has taken off in popularity, making it one of the fastest-growing and most popular sports worldwide.

Rugby union is still on track to achieve the same status as basketball or football by 2023. Nonetheless, it has a sizable fan base in many nations, such as England, Canada, Australia, and even Tanzania, because the existing region over which Tanzania remains was once a British colony.

rugby union betting options

Though it is unknown when the inaugural rugby union bet was placed, the sport's overall international popularity has tried to help rugby union grow into one of the world's most popular sports.

That's why you can find a rugby union betting market at any online sportsbook, whether a wrestling bookmaker, a football bookmaker or something in between.

Rules of the Rugby Union

Rugby is a relatively simple game, although some fundamentals exist to master.

  • Rugby union is a full-contact sport where every team has 15 players and seven replacements who begin their games on the bench. The competition aims to achieve more points than your opponents through conversions, penalties, klicks, missed targets, and tries.
  • The team plays 80 minutes in two 40-minute halves on a rectangular plan.
  • Half-time is a mandatory pause for players, similar to soccer, and can last up to 10 minutes.

These are the basic rules that all team members should pursue, but rugby union has some unique traditions.

  • The players must only throw the ball back the other way and sideways; thus, no blockers are permitted. Instead, the players must utilize a variety of stages to hold on to the ball during play, like mauls, rucks, lineouts, and scrums.
  • With each 5-point try, the winning team can kick the football through the posts for two extra points (called a “conversion”).
  • Particular penalties will result in a 3-point kick through the post for the non-offending team.
  • Rugby union is unique in how the game is played, even when the players are addressed. In addition, unlike many other football leagues, rugby union players can only advance the ball by striking it.


How Do You Place a Bet on Rugby Union?

Rugby union betting is not like placing bets on another sport. So, if you have a basic understanding of gambling, including how to read chances and what various betting odds mean, you must be fine!

It would help if you researched rugby union players, team members, and leagues for a successful betting trip.

How Could I Place an Online Bet on Rugby Union?

Rugby union betting is available on any betting site that features rugby union betting marketplaces.

However, because rugby union represents one of the most well-known sports worldwide, most betting sites will have continuous coverage of the sport and its international competitions.

How Many Players Are Part of a Rugby Union Team?

A rugby union team consists of 15 players, 8 in the strict scrum and seven dispersed across the ground. The players also wear visors with numbers that indicate their positions on the field, though any player can play any stance.

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