Simple GTO Trainer

simple gto trainer review

This software includes:

  • Real-time GTO feedback
  • Range composition analysis
  • Exercise with prebuild situations
  • Customizable training scenarios
  • Option to compare your hands against GTO
  • Other tools integrations

from $15/month for yearly option

*has various subscription options

Simple GTO Trainer Review – Can This Solver Help You Win More?

Today, I am writing this Simple GTO trainer review, to shed some light into the whole Game Theory Optimal strategy world.

While the GTO term is very well known, many do not find a convenient way to study it and struggles to improve.

Tools like PIOsolver and other apps are mostly used by professional players who have required resources (time, money, and computing power) to run complex calculations. But Simple GTO software can make things much easier, and make actual solutions available to every player so make sure to check it out.

Of course, it worth mentioning that these poker tools are a bit different, therefore I will try this Simple GTO Trainer review as detailed as I can, so you could see if it suits your situation.

What is a Simple GTO Trainer?

This app was introduced a few years ago and had significantly improved to the point where it is today. So what is it, and how can it help you?

simple gto trainer strategy

Simple GTO Trainer lets you play against Artificial Intelligence (AI) GTO opponent and see how you deviate from optimal strategy.

As the name suggests, this tool helps you learn the GTO poker strategy. Moreover, it does it in a very convenient and user-friendly way.

Today, you will not be able to win at any meaningful stakes without a basic understanding of GTO strategies. Playing this style prevents bleeding money at the tables, and ensures it ends in your pocket.

While it may not be the most +EV play in every single situation, following the GTO style makes you unexploitable even against the toughest competition.

While you probably will not be able to learn every single situation, GTO should be used as a fundamental strategy you follow against unknown players, or until you notice some mistakes in your opponent play that you can target by deviating from it.

Here comes Simple GTO Tool, and lets you train in different situations based on pre-calculated solutions. I like this option because it lets you get feedback in real-time, see your mistakes, and realize what you need to improve.

After the session, you will get a detailed report about your performance with all the mistakes and comparison to GTO play.

simple gto trainer play mode

Simple GTO software can help you build that understanding of optimal strategies, and memorize various spots to avoid common mistakes. Sounds good? Let’s see how it performs.

How to use Simple GTO Solver?

Firstly, you can start using this software without spending a dime and see how it works yourself. Just follow this link and download a FREE version of Simple GTO Trainer.

simple gto solver packs

Of course, a free version is very limited, and you will be able to train in only a couple of situations, yet, you can see how everything looks in practice.

The full program works in a way where you buy a pack of solved solutions based on your game or create custom situations yourself. As for the packs, there are various options for Cash games, MTT, Spin & Goes, and even Heads-up, so you surely will find what fits you the most.

simple gto trainer packs cash games mtts

As you see from this picture, you can even get an additional discount if you follow my link, so take advantage of this if you decide to join.

Ok, so let’s go the training part itself. There are two main options that might look similar but are completely different things, so let’s cover each of them separately.

Regular GTO Training

As the name suggests, here you will be playing a game against an opponent who uses an exact GTO strategy. You, on the other hand, get an option to choose your action and then get real-time feedback on your decision when it is compared to the GTO style.

using simple poker software

For that, you choose which situation you want to learn and decide either you want to go with the “Playing” or “Training” option.

  • Train – in this mode, you continue to play the hand until you make a significant mistake and then get instant feedback. You can choose to review how you should have played in this situation, and even replay the hand to make sure you got it right.
  • Play – you continue to play your hand till the end, even if you make the mistakes while the app counts EV difference from your play and actual GTO strategy.

When you finish your session, you have an option to evaluate every hand individually.

simple gto trainer evaluate your play

Or concentrate on your general strategy or to see the right frequencies and how you deviate from it. This is how it all looks:

simple gto trainer play mode

From these two options, I prefer the “Play” mode because it lets you finish the hand and see all results even if you make a mistake on the way, which helps in the learning process.

Here you can see a lot of valuable information, but I will talk a bit more about the “summary” part in the “Drills” section.

Simple GTO Training Drills

It is another Simple GTO Trainer option that helps you learn to play in a specific situation. You can choose the area of your game where you are struggling the most and repeat the training until you master this situation.

For example, if you want to learn how to defend from the BB against BTN c-bet in a 6max game, you just load such scenario and start working.

The biggest difference from Regular GTO Training is that here you can manually adjust your frequencies by moving the slider.

simple gto trainer drills strategy

If you think you should be folding, for example, 100% of the time, double-click fold button, and confirm your action. However, if you think you need to have a mixed strategy by folding some of the time and calling some of the time, you need to use the slider to choose whatever else option you think is right, and confirm it.

You will get one of three results for each hand:

  • Correct – means you have chosen the right move.
  • Mixing Error – you have chosen the right action, but with a small frequency inaccuracy.
  • EV Loss – your action is losing EV against GTO opponent.

I think Drills are the best way to use this software if you are just starting with the GTO.

Firstly, you are not jumping from one situation to another and can repeat your training in the same spot until you nail it. It makes the whole GTO strategy much easier to remember.

When you finish working with one situation and have a good understanding of how to play it, you can move to another one and repeat the process.

After “drilling” the same spot for a while, you might be ready to see your results and open analyzes tab.

simple gto trainer software review

Let me quickly explain what each of these parts means:

  1. The first section compares your play versus the GTO strategy. The top row is a GTO player, and the bottom line is how you played. I do think this is the best graphical representation of where you are making mistakes and how you should play in different segments of your game(Trips, flush draws, gutshots, maid hands, etc.). Here I got pretty close with most of the groups, but I see that I choose to raise draws more often than I should when compared to GTO strategy, so this is an area I might want to improve.
  2. This part compares your CALL / FOLD / RAISE frequencies against GTO player, so you quickly see if you need to boost your aggression or the contrary, maybe raise less. In this example, we should be raising a bit more and calling less.
  3. Here you can see the EV loss over the long run compared to GTO opponent. It, of course, always will be going down because there is no way to perform better than a GTO player, and every time you deviate from such strategy, you are leaving some money on the table.
  4. This is a part that summarizes your actions and shows how many times you performed a CORRECT move, how many MIXING MISTAKES, and EV LOSS plays you made.
  5. Lastly, you get the list of all your hands, and here you can see your answer and actual GTO frequencies in each situation, which is a pretty nice way to notice your mistakes.

Custom GTO training

If you get the PRO version, you can start creating your situations instead of buying predefined solutions. Even though these solutions will give you the most common situations and save time, sometimes, you just need to check a spot that is not included in the pack.

PRO version gives you the ability to analyze any preflop and postflop solution you can set-up with PIOsolver or Simple Poker and take that one step further.

Simple GTO Trainer vs. Other Software

The closest thing to the Simple GTO app in regards to functionality is Poker Snowie. I have been using this tool for years, so I can easily compare its functionality.

One thing that I like about the Snowie training option is that you can open a standard table and play your game, be it MTT full-ring, or cash. This way, you play as in a normal game and later get your results analyzed by the software, for both preflop and postflop action.

poker snowie training

Simple GTO trainer takes a bit different approach and instead lets you drill more specific situations. That being said, if you want to learn another spot, you can load it from the pack or create it yourself and reach the same goal just from a different angle.

But despite this small difference, Simple GTO trainer offers you something that you are less likely to learn with its alternatives. A convenient way to train with frequencies that is easier to memorize.

Also, the PRO version lets you add situations with your own ranges, something you could never to on PokerSnovie, so if you are an advanced user, this will surely come very handy.

Simple GTO Trainer Review – Conclusion

I was a bit skeptical before downloading the app and was positively surprised to see how far it developed over the years.

Simple GTO Trainer provides you a very convenient way to train GTO play and build solid fundaments for your games.

All things considered, you can’t go wrong with this program, so I highly recommend trying it out.


  • Learn GTO strategy for specific spots
  • Get real-time feedback on your play
  • Compare your mistakes against GTO approach
  • Get feedback on your range for various situations
  • Track your progress with reports
  • Train with prebuild situations to save a lot of time
  • Create any imaginable spot if you want to master it
  • Understand your results with easy to read graphs, tables, and charts

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