Win Valuable Prizes at WPT Global with 12 Days of Christmas Promo

wpt global 12 days of christmas

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

The holidays are upon us, and the month of December promises to be eventful in every sphere of life, so online poker should be no exception.

The team behind WPT Global is doing their part by throwing a big surprise for the early days of December with the 12 Days of Christmas promo, which runs December 1 – 12.

Over the first couple of weeks of December, all WPT Global players will have a chance to win a number of valuable prizes through two raffles, which will award $10,000 and $20,000, respectively.

All it takes to be a part of this promo is to have a real money poker account on the site and engage in some action.

You can win entries into the raffles by completing various poker challenges, so let’s take a look at what those challenges are and how hard they are to meet:

Easy Challenges

  • Try the rabbit hunt feature
  • Make any side bet
  • Win three separate Poker Flips
  • Play 1 hand of cash games for six days in a row
  • Play 1 bounty tournament
  • Play 1 turbo tournament
  • Use the reveal cards feature
  • Play 50 hands of Texas Hold’em cash games total
  • Play 50 hands of Short Deck Hold’em old’em
  • Play 50 hands of Zoom Poker

As you can see, the easy challenges won’t require too much effort. Simply playing some cash game poker hands or entering a few tournaments will win you some challenges, while you can win others by simply using the features that are an integral part of the WPT Global poker client.

Medium Challenges

  • Make the money in 1 multi table tournament
  • Win a hand in NLH cash games holding a straight
  • Win a hand in NLH cash games holding a flush
  • Win a hand in NLH cash games holding a full house
  • Win a hand in Short Deck Hold’em holding Aces
  • Win a hand in NLH holding Aces
  • Win a hand in NLH holding 72 offsuit
  • Play 300 hands of NLH cash games
  • Play 300 hands of Short Deck Hold’em
  • Play 300 hands of Zoom Poker

The medium challenges require a bit more work and effort, but they also allow you a chance to win even more valuable prizes with each completed challenge. Let’s take a look at the hard challenges before we reveal the prizes.

wpt global christmas challenge

Hard Challenges

  • Win a hand holding quads or better in NLH cash games
  • Play 1,000 hands of NLH cash games
  • Play 1,000 hands of Short Deck Hold’em
  • Play 2,000 hands of Zoom Poker

Hard challenges pose the biggest challenge to you as a player, forcing you to play more hands and make a big hand like quads or better. However, completing these challenges on top of the others will allow you access to all the prizes associated with this promo.

What Can I Win?

The 12 Days of Christmas promotion will launch on December 1 and run for a total of 12 days, offering plenty of time to enter games and complete challenges.

You can win the following prizes for completing the challenges:

  • Complete 5 challenges to win a $2.20 MTT ticket
  • Complete 10 challenges to win another $5.50 in cash
  • Complete 15 challenges to win another $11 MTT ticket + $15 in cash
  • Complete 20 challenges to win another $50 in cash and entry to the $10k raffle
  • Complete 25 challenges to win $200 in cash and entry to the $20k raffle + all the other prizes

Keep in mind that all cash game challenges must be completed at low stakes ($0.2/0.5/1) or higher to be eligible.

The two raffles will be held at the end of the promotion, and all eligible players will have a chance to win up to $500 in the $10k raffle and up to $2,000 in the $20k raffle.

Sign up for your account now and enter the 12 Days of Christmas poker promo with the start of December for your chance at all these valuable prizes and early Christmas presents!

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