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Last Updated: December 14, 2021

Poker has become a multimedia game in recent years with the following types –

  • Hole card cams
  • Televised tournaments and cash games
  • Streaming events
  • Social media

There are more ways to watch, read, follow, and get educated about the game than ever before.

Beyond that, many poker players have been expanding their brands and media reach through YouTube and Twitch poker vlogs. The term “vlog” is a mashup of the words “video” and “blog”.

More and more, players are building audiences by filming themselves playing poker.

Many of these vloggers go beyond simply showcasing their play on the live felt or online.

  • Some of these have morphed almost into reality shows.
  • Players spotlight their other interests and talents as well.
  • Some add in family life and travel.
  • Others focus on improving poker skills.

There’s a real opportunity to make money on sites like YouTube and Twitch. So, a few poker players are finding vlogs as an excellent way to share their poker life and make some cash on the side.

That includes sponsorship, promotional opportunities, and even merchandise sales.

This article offers a look at some who stand out from the crowd.

Picking the best comes with plenty of debate. But these are some great poker vloggers.

  • Andrew Neeme
  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Brad Owen
  • Joey Ingram
  • “JohnnieVibes” (aka Johnnie Moreno)
  • Jeff Gross
  • Kristy Arnett

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