ClubWPT Offering Limited Father’s Day Bundles

clubwpt fathers day

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Last Updated: June 4, 2024

ClubWPT, a subscription-based poker site that allows players a chance to win real-cash prizes via its sweepstakes model, is running a special promotion for the upcoming Father’s Day.

The limited time offer represents a perfect gift for all poker-loving fathers out there, so if you’re looking for a different gift that they won’t see coming, keep on reading.

There are two bundles on offer, one featuring only WPT apparel and another one combining the apparel and a year-long subscription at the world’s best-known subscription-based poker site.


Pick Your ClubWPT Bundle

As mentioned, ClubWPT is currently offering two gift bundles available on their site. Both packages will provide you with a 25% discount on regular prizes when using the code ‘DADDY’ on the ShopWPT site.

  • $99 Father’s Day Apparel Bundle – the gift box includes a WPT hat, T-shirt, and WPT hoodie (valued at $144.98)
  • $299 ClubWPT Bundle (valued at $443.95) – includes a 12-month ClubWPT VIP membership and a choice between the Apparel Bundle and a $100 voucher that can be used at ShopWPT.

With this promotion, ClubWPT shows once again that it is a poker platform catering to all generations and inviting all fans of the game to join the action and pursue their poker dreams.

According to Jeremy Clemons, WPT VP of online services, “The Father’s Day ClubWPT bundle is tailored for dads with a passion for poker. It will help them look the part of a WPT Champion and even give them a chance to become one.”

It’s not always easy to come up with poker gifts for those closest to you, especially after you go through the most obvious choices.

The Father’s Day promo by ClubWPT gives you an ideal opportunity to take things out of the muck with a gift that any poker fan, especially if they have been around the game for a long time, will appreciate.

One-of-a-Kind World Poker Tour Experience

ClubWPT offers unique opportunities for poker players to win cash prizes, branded merchandise, and, perhaps most importantly, entries into live World Poker Tour events. For a small price of monthly subscription, everyone has a shot at an opportunity to rub elbows with poker greats for a few days.

The VIP ClubWPT membership, which is included in the second bundle, allows players to compete for $100,000 in cash and prizes every single month. Plus, it provides access to the full library of WPT episodes, which is a special kind of treat in its own right.

The platform offers a couple of other membership options as well, namely Diamond and Super Saturday packages, which secure access to even more tournaments, bigger prizes, and a host of learning materials powered by LearnWPT.

Unlike many traditional poker sites, ClubWPT features a much more relaxed and casual atmosphere, with not many sharks swimming in its waters. So, if you know your father is a poker aficionado, gifting them a bundle with a VIP membership could be a great call, even if they aren’t into online poker that much.

Making Poker Dreams Come True

When you think of online poker today, the usual image that comes to mind is that of big-time grinders playing a bunch of tables, maximizing their hourly.

With ClubWPT, the experience is much more similar to that at the live felt. There is plenty of action every week, but you’re not expected to go crazy playing five or six tables at the same time. It’s more about enjoying the moment and giving your all in a particular tournament.

Every year, the site sends dozens of people to play in World Poker Tour events around the world, giving them an experience of a lifetime and a shot at one of the most prestigious titles in all of poker – that of a WPT champion.

With all that in mind, a gift like this could really bring a smile to one’s face and could potentially be the beginning of their great poker adventure. Not many gifts come with such tremendous potential, so take this opportunity before it’s gone!

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