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Integrated HUD at GGPoker – How to Get the Most Out of It?

ggpoker integrated hud

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Posted by: Zvon

For many years now, online poker players have had the privilege of using poker tracking software and HUD (heads up display) to help them make the right plays.

A HUD is the part of the tracking software that allows you to display another player’s (and your own) stats at the tables while playing with them.

GGPoker has taken the use of HUDs to a completely new level by banning all third-party HUDs and introducing a single, integrated HUD called Smart HUD.

With Smart HUD, all GGPoker players now get full access to the exactly same HUD, which tracks all the relevant information about their opponents and offers real in-play assistance.

If you are considering playing at GGPoker, or you already do, keep reading to find out how you can make the most out of Smart HUD and how exactly you can use it to your advantage.

What Is Smart HUD?

First introduced by GGPoker back in 2018, Smart HUD is an integrated HUD platform that allows all players to see various stats on their opponents in cash game and tournament play.

The original Smart HUD only displayed some basic stats, but over the years GGPoker has improved it and added further stats to make the HUD even more useful.

Smart HUD makes GGPoker the only online poker site with a functional integrated HUD, despite a few other clients offering an attempt at the same.

The difference between Smart HUD and HUDs you get from software like PokerTracker or Hold’em Manager includes the fact you can’t add other people’s hands into your database, which means all stats displayed are only those you have collected.

This means you will always be able to display only stats based on hands you have personally played with a particular player, awarding volume and continued play on the platform.

GGPoker has created the integrated HUD to counter professional players who were purchasing databases loaded with millions of poker hands played by players on popular poker sites, thus achieving an unfair advantage.

Apart from this difference, Smart HUD can stand shoulder to shoulder with other, third-party HUDs, which have been around for well over a decade.

Using Smart HUD in Cash Games

When it comes to cash games, Smart HUD is an extremely powerful tool. It will help you recognize player tendencies, their playing styles, and make the right exploitative plays.

Smart HUD displays some basic stats such as VPIP, PFR, and AF in the overlay. More detailed stats per betting street can be found by hovering over the HUD icon.

ggpoker smart hud explained

This means you will be able to display players C-bet frequencies per street, their fold to c-bet frequencies, WTS stat, and much more.

The HUD also displays the number of hands you have in your database against the particular player, so you will know the kind of sample the stats are based off.

As usual, the more hands you have on a particular player, the more relevant the data is likely to be, although some stats can become quite apparent even after just a few hundred hands.

It is worth noting that Smart HUD also allows you to add notes to each player, with up to 1,000 characters per player.

This means you can put down any significant observations you have found and use them to remind you at a later instance.

Using Smart HUD in Tournaments

When it comes to tournament poker, the integrated Smart HUD at GGPoker will go a step further and immediately let you know if you are dealing with a winning or a losing player.

While the same gameplay stats are still displayed in the HUD, allowing you to make exploitative plays, the HUD also displays the player’s tournament results.

You will be able to see the player’s total winnings on the platform, as well as their results over the last five tournaments played on a mini chart.

ggpoker integrated hud features

These numbers can help you immediately recognize players you should be careful playing, as well as recreational players who may be slightly easier targets for certain plays.

Of course, these simple stats alone are not the only thing you should base your play around, but they can provide great help if you are on the fence between making a play one way or the other.

Smart HUD in All-In or Fold Games

All-In or Fold (AoF) games are unique games at GGPoker that only allow you to go all in or fold your cards in each hand.

The Smart HUD offers some special information for these games as well, including information on the player’s overall jackpot winnings in AoF Games, their basic stats, as well as a distribution of all the hands they go all in with.

You will be easily able to tell which players play AoF way too tight or too loose, and which players are playing a strong balanced poker strategy, allowing you to make some easy exploits.

While AoF is certainly not the most skillful format of poker, using the Smart HUD the right way will help improve your profit in these games by quite a lot.

GGPoker – The Online Poker Platform of the Future

Integrated Smart HUD is only one of the many features of the GGPoker software that makes it the most modern and advanced platform in today’s industry.

Smart HUD offers all the helpful features of third-party HUDs like Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker, while evening out the playing field and allowing all players access to HUD, but only with the stats they have personally collected.

In many ways, Smart HUD goes a step further than traditional HUDs, as it provides tournament and AoF stats standard HUDs cannot provide.

If you like the idea of playing in an even playing field and not having to deal with third-party apps, download the software today and play on the world’s largest online poker room with the help of one of the most advanced tracking tools in today’s poker industry.

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