GGPoker Launching SuperRankings and Live Super MILLION$ Events in 2023

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

GGPoker’s incredible impact on the online poker scene has been considerable over the last few years, and the operator has just announced another new feature that is guaranteed to make the brand even more recognizable in the industry.

GGPoker’s prestigious Super MILLION$ tournaments, which have been some of the highest-stakes weekly events online for some time, are now getting a whole new competitive dimension.

Starting in 2023, all players competing in the Super MILLION$ events will be entered into a brand new SuperRankings leaderboard. This will be a yearly leaderboard to determine the very best player on the platform.

In addition to this, GGPoker has announced a new partnership with Triton Poker, which will see Super MILLION$ added to a number of live Triton Poker Series stops around the world. This will give live poker players access to the elite Super MILLION$ experience and competition.

SuperRankings Leaderboard to Uncover “The World’s Best Player”

According to GGPoker, the goal of the SuperRankings leaderboard will be to determine the world’s best poker player for the year.

In order to do so, the operator will count all the wins and losses of all players who play in at least five Super MILLION$ events in the given year, and list the top 20 on the leaderboard.

Unlike many other leaderboards in the world of real money poker that count all sorts of things, SuperRankings will be based entirely on the player’s profit and loss. The most profitable player of the year will rank the first in the leaderboard.

As expected, those who reach the very summit of the competition will win special perks, including:

  • The title of GGPoker SuperPro
  • Unique SuperPro Avatar at GGPoker
  • Super Platinum Level in Fish Buffet (100% cashback)
  • Additional Benefits (to be disclosed in 2023)

Players who finish second and third on the leaderboard will receive the same Super Platinum level and other perks, with the exception of the custom SuperPro avatar, which will remain a special perk for the actual winner.

All online and live Super MILLION$ events will count towards the leaderboard. GGPoker believes that this leaderboard will be the best way to determine the world’s best player.

GGPoker and Triton Poker Partner Up

The addition of the Super MILLION$ leaderboard is a welcome sight for all online high-stakes players, but those competing on the live circuit will have a lot to look forward to as well.

Starting in March 2023, GGPoker and Triton Poker will start launching Super MILLION$ events along with other Triton tournaments, with the first one scheduled to play out in Vietnam’s Hoiana Resort & Golf Course on March 1.

With Super MILLION$ now available to live poker players as well, it is guaranteed that high-rollers from all parts of the world will flock to the event and play them alongside some of their favorite Triton Poker tournaments.

With the Trion Series already enjoying massive popularity among the high-stakes community, the partnership seemed like a natural step for the world’s biggest online poker operator.

Win Your Way into Super MILLION$

To really spice things up, GGPoker is also making sure that more players than ever can qualify into Super MILLION$ without having to pony up the massive $10,300 buy-in.

The first massive Super MILLION$ satellite of 2023 will be played out on January 29, with the buy-in set at just $10 and ten tickets for the $10,300 Super MILLION$ guaranteed.

By doing this, the operator will ensure that some fresh faces make their way into the prestigious high-stakes events and potentially compete for their place on the SuperRankigns leaderboard.

The addition of extra qualifiers will also make Super MILLION$ events more attractive to high-stakes pros looking for value. They will get a chance to play against some newcomers to the high-stakes poker scene this way.

2023 should be an extremely exciting year for high-stakes online poker players, but those playing for lower stakes now have a real chance to make it into the ranks of nosebleed players.

Sign up for your GGPoker account today to claim your welcome package and the perks of the Honeymoon promotion as your first step towards playing in the Super MILLION$ events someday.

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