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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

Spin & Gold has been one of the most popular game formats at GGPoker in recent months. With fast gameplay and massive potential prizes, Spin & Gold games are some of the most fun to play on the platform.

What’s even more, GGPoker now offers $10,000 in Daily Spin & Gold Leaderboards, spread across all buy-in levels and with points available in all Spin & Gold games.

The Daily Spin & Gold Leaderboards make playing these exciting jackpot games at GGPoker even more fun, and you can get involved as soon as today.

Sign up with GGPoker to play your first Spin & Gold, or keep reading to find out more about all the extra prizes you can win through the Leaderboards.

Play for Your Share of $10k Daily

The GGPoker Spin & Gold Leaderboards pay $10,000 in prizes every day, with the money distributed among top point earners at every buy-in level.

You can start winning prizes even playing the lowest buy-in level, with $0.25 Spin & Golds awarding up to $10 in daily prizes, and a total of 200 players getting at least $0.25 back.

With increasing buy-in levels, the total prize pool distributed among top finishers in the Daily Leaderboard increases, at following pace:

  • $200 Spin & Gold: $3,000 Prize Pool – 8 Winners
  • $100 Spin & Gold: $2,200 Prize Pool – 11 Winners
  • $50 Spin & Gold: $1,600 Prize Pool – 20 Winners
  • $20 Spin & Gold: $1,080 Prize Pool – 25 Winners
  • $10 Spin & Gold: $870 Prize Pool – 40 Winners
  • $5 Spin & Gold: $615 Prize Pool – 60 Winners
  • $3 Spin & Gold: $546 Prize Pool – 80 Winners
  • $1 Spin & Gold: $316 Prize Pool – 100 Winners
  • $0.25 Spin & Gold: $204 Prize Pool – 200 Winners

You can participate in multiple Daily Leaderboards every day, and you can win points for each leaderboard by playing 3-Max and 6-Max games all the way up to $20 buy-ins, with only 3-Max games rated at higher buy-in levels.

Earning Spin & Gold Leaderboard Points

In order to win your share of any daily Spin & Gold Leaderboard at GGPoker, you will need to fire up some real money poker games and win as many as you can within the 24 hour period.

For each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, you will earn a number of points which will add up and determine your standing on the Leaderboard.

You can win points in both 3-Max and 6-Max Spin & Gold games at following pace:

3-Max Spin & Gold Leaderboard Points

Buy-in 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
$200 2400 1600 800
$100 1200 800 400
$50 600 400 200
$20 240 160 80
$10 120 80 40
$5 60 40 20
$3 36 24 12
$1 12 8 4
$0.25 3 2 1

6-Max Spin & Gold Leaderboard Points

Buy-in 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place
$20 320 240 160 80 80 80
$10 160 120 80 40 40 40
$5 80 60 40 20 20 20
$3 48 36 24 12 12 12
$1 16 12 8 4 4 4
$0.25 4 3 2 1 1 1

What’s even better, GGPoker runs a Spin & Gold Happy Hour every day between the hours of 10 PM and midnight, with all points multiplied by 1.5x.

The Happy Hour gives you one last chance at a big push for points and a shot at winning the day’s top prize at any given buy-in level.

Get Up to 80% Cashback at Spin & Gold Tables

Spin & Gold games may seem like pure gamble at first, but the truth is they really aren’t. Not only are they some of the softest poker games on the planet, but GGPoker also offers you a shot at up to 80% Cashback every time you play.

The Spin & Gold Challenge promotion allows you to activate a new challenge at any time, and earn up to $700 for playing Spin & Gold tournaments for 7 hours.

You can pick one of six Challenge levels and a duration between one and eight hours to complete it. The tougher the challenge, the more Cashback you stand to gain.

You will complete your Challenges by digging up gold, at the same rate at which you earn points for the Daily Leaderboards.

The one difference is that all gold accumulated at any buy-in level counts cumulatively, and you are awarded if you reach your Challenge goal, regardless of the levels you were playing to do so.

In total, it is possible to earn up to $700 every day by playing these Challenges, which is a great incentive for players across all levels and all the grinders out there looking to play some rake-free poker.

Insure Against 2x Spin & Gold Games

Perhaps the most annoying thing about Spin & Gold games is the number of 2x games you have to play. Now, GGPoker has a solution for that as well.

By choosing to enter a Spin & Gold with insurance, you can completely avoid playing in the 2x games. Every time you are picked for one of those games, your entire buy-in will be returned, and you get to try again.

win more with spin and gold leaderboards

However, whenever you draw a bigger multiplier, you will have to forfeit your insurance money, but will get to play the more valuable Spin & Gold immediately.

For example, if you play $5 Spin & Golds, you will have to pay $5 + $5 every time. However, your entire $10 will be returned every time you draw a 2x Spin & Gold.

When you draw any other multiplier, you will get to play the game, but the $5 insurance will be forfeit. Whether the gamble is worth it or not, is completely up to you!

Sign Up with GGPoker and Dig Up Valuable Prizes

GGPoker offers a ton of valuable daily prizes via Spin & Gold Daily Leaderboards, along with plenty more cash you can get by completing the Spin & Go Challenges.

If you enjoy playing jackpot sit and goes, GGPoker currently offers the best promotions for this brand of poker, along with some of the softest and quickest action across all levels.

Join GGPoker today to take part in all poker promotions and giveaways, and enjoy playing on the world’s biggest online poker site at all hours of day or night.

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