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Are Poker Bots Good or Bad, and Can Bots Like Libratus Help Your Poker Game?

poker bots good or bad

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Last Updated: February 10, 2023

With all the cheating poker scandals in the news, now is a great time to look at another potential threat to the industry – bots.

A bot is a computer program that plays a game with or against you. Bots are prevalent in lots of apps. If you’ve ever played a game ‘against the computer,’ you’ve been playing a bot.

Most bots only exist as entertainment or when a human opponent isn’t available. These basic bots are common and don’t require much processing power.

If you’re reading this on your phone, you’ll have several different bots in your hand as we speak.

These basic bots work fine in a computerized game of Monopoly or FIFA. But they cannot competitively play a more complex game, like poker.

So, how good are poker bots these days, are they a threat to a poker ecosystem, and could you actually use them to improve your own game. To get answers to these and more related questions, be sure to visit the 888poker Magazine to read the full article.

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