Between the Lines Show by PokerStars Brings Together Poker and F1

pokerstars between the lines

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

What do poker and racing have in common? Not that much, you’d think, but PokerStars is here to prove you wrong in its new Between the Lines show.

Created in cooperation with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, the four-part series highlights some of the biggest moments from the European Poker Tour together and the most intense instances from the Formula 1 track.

The show aims to demonstrate that there are many similar qualities shared by the top F1 drivers and those who thrive on the green felt. These may be two completely different activities, but both require a lot of strategic planning, mental sturdiness, and willingness to take risks.

This effort is the fruit of a continued partnership between PokerStars and Oracle Red Bull Racing, which was extended for another year in March 2023.

What to Expect from Between the Lines?

The show features a rather unusual and novel concept, but if you’re a fan of both sports, you’re likely going to enjoy it.

There will be four distinct episodes spread across the next eight months, and the first one is already available on the PokerStars YouTube channel.

On the poker side of things, it follows Hossein Ensan on his journey to the 2015 EPT Prague victory. On the other side, the Oracle Red Bull Racing team faces a big strategic decision brought about by unexpected rain during the Monte Carlo race.

Both situations have some things in common, as there are risky decisions to be made, and the series highlights how the ability to call the shots under pressure is what differentiates winners from the rest of the pack.

This is just the first episode. There are many more great poker players and F1 drivers and extraordinary success stories in the pipeline.

The series will feature the likes of Liv Boeree, Steve O’Dwyer, Lex Veldhis, and Giuliano Bendinelli on his extraordinary comeback from a single big blind to the 2022 EPT Barcelona victory.

Formula 1 fans will enjoy the experience of a behind-the-scene look at the ORBR team strategy as they find their way across the finish line in Belgium, Singapore, and Hungary.

A Unique Poker Show Worth Watching

The production team behind the Between the Lines show has done an amazing job creating the type of content that speaks to different types of audiences.

Whether you’re into F1, poker, or both, this show will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

It offers a unique insight into the mentality of the top performers, be it on the racetrack or at the poker table.

between the lines by pokerstars

What’s more, the show brings some never-before-seen footage from the races, and that’s something all F1 fans out there will likely appreciate.

PokerStars will also feature numerous promotions to go along with its new series, including the opportunity to win a coveted Red Spade Pass.

Make sure to check out the first episode and subscribe to the PokerStars YouTube channel for future iterations of Between the Lines and plenty of other high-quality (and completely free) poker content.

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