Walk the Power Path and Win Valuable Tournament Packages at PokerStars

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Last Updated: November 13, 2023

If you have always dreamed of playing one of the big live poker tournaments sponsored by PokerStars, but have never had a chance to do it, the operator has just launched a brand new way for everyday poker fans and players to make their way to their top tours.

The PokerStars Power Path, as it is called, is a brand new opportunity to qualify for events like EPT, UKIPT, ESPT, and more, as well as the most popular online poker tournaments.

While PokerStars has always been one of the top places to go for satellite action, Power Path will provide a new and unique way to qualify that will pit you against more recreational players and fewer pros than ever before.

Keep reading to find out exactly how you can win your live poker tournament seats with Power Path and get up to $10,300 worth of tournament tickets, travel and accommodation costs, and much more.

Power Path Steps Explained

Power Path is a brand new feature at PokerStars. It is a series of satellite tournaments designed to help players win seats for the most anticipated live and online events of the year.

Power Path is made up of four different steps, with one key provision, which is that players cannot make direct entries into the final step that awards the Power Passes.

Whether you are a low stakes recreational player or a high stakes pro, you will have to win at least two steps in order to win a Power Pass and book your seat at one of PokerStars festivals.

The steps you can enter as part of the Power Path include:

  • Step 1: $0.50 Spin & Go
  • Step 2: $1 SNG or $1.50 MTT
  • Step 3: $11 MTT
  • Step 4: $109 MTT (win Bronze, Silver, or Gold Power Pass)

To make things even sweeter, PokerStars is awarding one Step 1 ticket to every player who logs in and plays any real money poker on their account, every single day! You will need to opt in once, but you’re good to go after that.

These Step 1 tickets can be turned into Step 2 tickets by winning the Spin & Go, but if you are lucky enough you could even win one of the Power Passes directly in this step.

For Step 2, you will get to play either a $1 SNG with 16 players, or a $1.50 MTT, with an appropriate number of Step 3 tickets awarded.

Step 3 is the final step you can directly buy into, and the buy-in is set at just $11, making it affordable to most players.

If you make it to step 4, you will be playing for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Power Passes, with an appropriate number of each awarded depending on the number of entries in the particular Step 4 event.

What Can I Win?

As already mentioned, Step 4 of Power Path will award the winners with one of three Power Passes, each offering a different value.

The three Power Passes you can win include:

  • Bronze Power Pass: Worth $109
  • Silver Power Pass: Worth $2,500
  • Golden Power Pass: Worth $10,300

If enough players are registered for Step 4 you are playing, you will be playing for Golden and Silver Power Passes, depending on the overall size of the prize pool.

Keep in mind that there are no direct entries or re-entries into Step 4, but there will be plenty of players making their way up there, especially given the fact PokerStars is giving away so many Step 1 tickets each and every day.

power path by pokerstars

If you win one of the Power Passes, you will be required to play the live poker festival in question, and will not be able to receive tournament dollars instead, like you can with so many other PokerStars satellites.

Depending on the Power Pass you win, you may be eligible to play in events like EPT (for Golden Power Pass winners), or EPST, UKIPT, or BSOP (for Silver Power Pass winners).

If you happen to win a Bronze Power Pass, you will receive a $109 entry into an online poker tournament with an appropriate buy-in, which is sort of a consolation prize for those who fall just short of the top prizes in Power Path.

Walk the PokerStars Power Path Today

PokerStars Power Path is one of the best opportunities for an average poker player to win their way to one of the major poker festivals across Europe and beyond.

With no direct entry into Step 4 of Power Path, the events are guaranteed to be full of recreational and average players, who are looking for their opportunity, same as you.

Avoid playing against hundreds of super-pros who are re-entering each event countless times and playing GTO poker, and sit down with your peers to play for a fair shot at one of the top PokerStars-sponsored events.

Join PokerStars today, receive your free daily Step 1 tickets, and build your way up to Step 4 where valuable packages await the most determined and skillful of players!

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