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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

One of the world’s leading poker training sites Run It Once is running a very special promotion and poker players looking to improve their game can now do so at a discounted rate.

Week 1 of the Black Friday sales at Run It Once will see the popular “From the Ground Up” courses discounted by 25%, a great opportunity for those looking to kick start their game and learn more about the most popular formats of poker today.

“From the Ground Up” courses are created by some of the top coaches at Run it Once and they cover a range of topics interesting to novice, intermediate, and even some advanced poker players.

The video courses were already available at reasonable prices but will now be even more affordable. You can get the courses at the following discounted rates this week:

  • From the Ground Up: $37.49 (Was $49.99)
  • From the Ground Up MTT Edition: $112.49 (Was $149.99)
  • From the Ground Up PLO Edition: $112.49 (Was $149.99)
  • From the Ground Up SNG Edition: $112.49 (Was $149.99)
  • From the Ground Up All Editions: $324.97 (Was $499.96)

If you are ready to save up on your poker training, the time is now! But before you do, keep reading and find out exactly what you can expect from each of the courses available.

What Is the “From the Ground Up” Course?

The basic “From the Ground Up” course at Run it Once is now available at a discounted rate of $37.49 and it is one of the best tools for those looking to master the game of Texas Hold’em in general.

The course teaches all the fundamental skills that make a well-rounded poker player, starting with the most basic concepts.

You’ll learn about equity and EV, explaining what ranges to play preflop in different positions, how to implement key flop strategies, and how to take them a step further on turns and rivers.

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Coming with plenty of charts and examples on the side, “From the Ground Up” course gives you all the tools you need to get started with Texas Hold’em at a completely new level from the way you were probably playing before.

The course is taught by Run it Once pro Peter Clarke and it is an amazing insight into the mind of a professional poker player and the basic ideas that you need to become a winning player yourself.

Special Edition “From the Ground Up” Courses

More advanced players who already have the grasp of the basics can look to get special versions of the “From the Ground Up” course at discounted rates.

The MTT version is narrated by pro Owen Shiels and goes over key tournament concepts like ICM, GTO play, and play at different stack depths.

The course is the ultimate weapon you need to start making more final tables in your tournaments and to crush the recreational players and regs alike.

The PLO edition of the course will take you into the street of a completely new game, Pot Limit Omaha, which is more popular now than ever before.

The 54 videos in this one will teach you about how to select hands, how to understand variance in PLO, and how to exploit your opponents on many different levels.

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The SNG course is also available at a discount, with Run it Once pro Ryan Martin teaching you the basics of SNG play and the key concepts that will make you a profitable SNG player in an era in which these tournaments are no longer the bread and butter game of too many pros.

You can get each course at 25% off right now or save a total of 35% if you choose to buy the whole bundle!

Make sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best poker players at the lowest rate ever! Jump in on this opportunity, sign up today, and give your poker career the serious boost it deserves!

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