Why Everyone’s Crazy About 888poker BLAST Games?

888poker blast games

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Last Updated: June 4, 2024

The world of online poker is in a state of constant flux. Poker sites try their best to keep their eye on the ball and make sure players are happy with what’s on the table. Some inventions have a short lifespan and don’t quite make it out of the infancy stage. Others, however, simply hit the nail on the head.

BLAST games over at 888poker certainly belong to the latter category. While the operator didn’t come up with the concept of jackpot sit and goes (it was Winamax, of all places, way back), it did a fine job of adopting it and making these games hugely popular.

Combining fast-paced play and a shot at a huge prize, all packaged in a futuristic-looking environment, BLAST games cater to everyone. Recreational players can get a fair number of games in during a relatively short period, and consummate pros can still find more than enough edge (despite the fast pace and short stacks) to keep them on the grind.

Blasting Away With 888poker

BLAST tables provide action for players of all shapes and sizes. With games starting at a $0.10 buy-in level, everyone can get involved and chase after big jackpots that pop up every so often.

The top prize in these tournaments is 10,000 times the buy-in. So, at the highest level, which is currently $30, there is a possibility of winning $210,000 (70% of the entire prize pool). The other 30% is divided between the second and the third-place finishers.

The prize is determined at the start of each tournament at random, and it can be anywhere between 2x and 10,000x. The second-highest multiplier is 100x, which may not be huge, but it’s enough to keep the interest and maintain the bankroll while chasing the elusive jackpot.

playing blast at 888poker

So, it’s hardly a surprise that these games have been constantly growing in popularity, matched perhaps by the recently introduced Mystery Bounty format.

Like BLAST, Mystery Bounties have an element of randomness to them, and any player involved in a tournament can get lucky and find the big envelope and pick a huge prize without even coming close to a final table.

All this makes it pretty clear that players like the suspense and uncertainty. Some may argue that these types of games take away from the skill element. However, it’s essential to keep the game fun and exciting, and formats like BLAST and Mystery Bounties accomplish that very goal.

Graphics to Match the Experience

It’s not just the format that makes BLAST games so popular. While almost every poker site has its own variation of jackpot sit and goes, 888poker went a step further, packaging it in a futuristic environment that goes naturally with its fast-paced nature.

Bright blue lights, lightning animations, and other special effects really add to the experience. Even in non-jackpot games, players are getting their money’s worth.

For those requiring more actions, 888poker makes it easy to register for up to four games at the same time, and with how fast these tournaments are, this is a really neat feature. It helps keep things flowing and allows you to make the most out of the time spent at the tables.

While the whole show may not be after the taste of the most hardcore of grinders, most casual players enjoy it. It is taking the poker-playing experience to a new level, bringing something you can’t find at your local poker room.

Of course, the whole futuristic look isn’t limited just to BLAST – it’s one of the most prominent features of the 888poker software. However, it is at the BLAST tables that it really comes through as it naturally goes with the format.

More Fun With BLAST Leaderboards

Blast games may be geared primarily towards more casual players, but, as mentioned, many experienced pros have turned to these games as their “bread and butter.”

888poker understands that those more serious about poker always look for something little extra to keep them engaged, and that’s where BLAST Leaderboards come in.

These leaderboards offer $4,000 in daily prizes and encourage players to put in some volume. You can choose between a 10-game and a 30-game leaderboard, accumulating points based on your finishing positions and BLAST multipliers.

With a 10-game option, even casual players can get involved as these games only take a few minutes to finish, so it’s not hard to complete a set or two and be in the contention for some extra money.

When you add all these things together, it’s not hard to see why everyone’s crazy about BLAST. It’s fast, it’s exciting, and there is always a shot at a big payday. Package all that in a visually striking environment, and what more could you ask from an online poker game?

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