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888poker mystery bounty tournaments

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Last Updated: March 28, 2024

Mystery bounty tournaments have become all the rage lately and for a good reason. These events have taken the knockout poker experience to the next level, and players love it.

The mystery bounty format was initially introduced to live poker, but it wasn’t long before online sites picked up on its popularity and started to add these games to their schedules. 888poker was one of the first operators to do so.

Not long after, other poker sites added mystery bounties to their schedules, but mostly in a limited capacity. 888poker, on the other hand, has fully embraced the format, and these days, if you’re looking to play mystery bounty events on a daily basis, 888 is by far the best pick.

Mystery bounty tournaments were first introduced to poker in 2021, and they were a big hit from the get-go. While most new formats in poker don’t get to stick around for very long, this particular invention was right on the money.

If you’ve happened to somehow miss the hype train, the premise of the format is quite simple but very exciting.

Unlike traditional bounties, where you know exactly what you’ll get for eliminating a player, these tournaments have an element of mystery to them (hence the name).

Once the bounty period kicks in, which is usually soon after the late registration ends, knocking out a player gives you the opportunity to draw a bounty envelope. Inside the envelope is one of the announced bounties, so you know you’re getting one of these amounts.

888poker mystery bounties

The excitement comes from the fact that there are usually one or two really big bounties in the mix, sometimes bigger than even the first-place prize. So, you could get lucky and draw that big envelope on your very first elimination.

The mystery bounty concept is clearly great for recreational players as it gives them a shot at big bucks even if they don’t make a deep run in the tournament. For pros, a new format brings new challenges, allowing them to devise new strategies and mix up their play.

888poker: Your Online Destination for Mystery Bounties

All major poker sites have added mystery bounties to their repertoires over the last couple of years, but there is only one operator that offers these events as a regular part of its daily schedule, and that’s 888poker.

While other rooms add an occasional mystery bounty event to their big series or as special weekly tournaments, 888 offers these every single day and across a variety of buy-ins.

You will find tournaments with buy-ins as low as $1, which presents a great opportunity to get familiar with the format and practice your skills with very little risk.

The operator also has full-blown mystery bounty festivals on occasion, featuring an entire tournament series with nothing but MB events. So, whether you enjoy this format online or are looking to practice your skills for live events, 888poker is the place to be.

In most cases, mystery bounties will kick in after the registration closes, which is normally after 16 or 17 levels of play, depending on the tournament structure. The biggest bounty is usually around 10% of the guaranteed prize pool, but this number can increase if the guarantee is exceeded.

Every time you knock out a player once the MB stage begins, you’ll immediately receive one of the remaining bounties from the pool. That amount will be added directly to your account and removed from play.

Bounties are determined at random, so every time you knock a player out, you have a shot at the big one. Of course, as smaller bounties are removed from play, chances of the next one being the main bounty increase, which can result in some interesting dynamics.

Give Mystery Bounties a Try

Although poker is a fun game, those who have been playing it for years know that things can get a bit stale and repetitive. What better way to break the pattern and add some excitement than a brand-new game format?

Mystery bounty tournaments allow you to showcase your poker tournament skills but also add an element of surprise to the mix. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you play poker primarily to have fun, you’ll likely love this format.

At 888poker, you can give it a try at very low buy-ins, so you don’t have to put a lot of money on the line to see if these games are right for you. Try playing a few of the small ones and see how you like it before moving on to bigger events.

All in all, it’s always good to see innovations in poker, and mystery bounties are easily one of the best we’ve seen in the last few years.

We can see this format becoming more present at live events around the world, so even if you’re not that much into online poker, this is a great opportunity to get some proper practice at a very low cost.

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