WPT Alpha8 Trifecta Is Coming to Las Vegas

WPT Alpha8 Trifecta

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Last Updated: July 6, 2024

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has been hosting one of the most exciting seasons since its inception, and it will continue with a short series of high roller events that will play out at the Wynn this summer.

Dubbed the WPT Alpha8 Trifecta, the mini-series will be made up of three high roller events, each with a $25,000 buyin and millions to play for.

Coinciding with the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the WPT Alpha8 Trifecta events are nearly guaranteed to have a high turnout, as all the high rollers are already in Las Vegas grinding the big events over at the Series.

All things considered, the three events should be some of the most exciting of the entire summer and could create massive prize pools and attract some of the sharpest players in the game and plenty of recreational players with deep pockets and a desire to compete against the best.


Three Alpha8 Events in Just Two Weeks

Unlike the usual WPT festivals, which are designed to cater to a wide range of poker players, the WPT Alpha8 Trifecta is designed with high rollers in mind.

To cater to this particular group of players, WPT has put the three events close together, allowing them to play all three while grinding out the WSOP events along the way.

The three WPT Alpha8 Trifecta events will happen on the following days:

  • June 26 – 26
  • July 3 – 4
  • July 10 – 11

Each WPT Alpha8 Trifecta event will be played over a period of just two days, making it a quick but certainly not easy way to a major WPT trophy.

The three high rollers will come with a $25,000 buyin each and unlimited re-entry opportunities, which means we could see the prize pool in each event swell into the high millions.

This will be further assisted by the fact Day 1 flights of each event will play with 40-minute levels, allowing players to get their chips in and bust out fairly quickly.

This kind of structure appears to be exactly what the high rollers love the most, and WPT will be catering to them by throwing three events designed by the exact design that’s been tried and tested at multiple high roller events across different tours.

All three events will be played at the Wynn Las Vegas, the venue that will also host the biggest WPT event of the year in December, the WPT World Championship event.

Wynn Poker Classic and WPT Bring Back Alpha8

The Alpha8 brand has been a part of the poker world for years, and a number of high-profile players have won Alpha8 titles over the course of their careers.

Last year, WPT decided to bring the brand back to the poker world with a bang, throwing the first Alpha8 high rollers at the Wynn with great success.

Notable poker players like Ren Lin, Jonathan Jaffe, and Steve O’Dwyer triumphed last year, and we can expect to see them, along with numerous other poker superstars, in the mix at this year’s WPT Alpha8 Trifecta.

The three events will be played as part of the Wynn Poker Classic, a massive tournament series that’s already underway and hosts dozens of exciting events with a range of buyins more affordable to all players visiting Las Vegas.

If you are not quite up to playing the high rollers just yet, you can still show up at the Wynn this summer and play in plenty of other events. Millions of dollars will be given away over the next few weeks.

Win a Free WPT World Championship Seat

The WPT Alpha8 Trifecta will be made up of three separate tournaments, but the three will be awarding leaderboard points to all players who make the money.

The short tournament series will award the top eight most successful players with a very special reward in the form of a free $10,000 seat to the WPT World Championship at the Wynn.

The Championship event will play out in December, and the eight best high rollers of the summer will get to play it for free, with the eight packages added to the prize pool by WPT.

If you want to have a chance at winning one of the eight free seats, you will need to get involved with the WPT Alpha8 Trifecta, which starts in Las Vegas in just under 10 days.

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