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If you want to reach poker players and build a following for yourself, this is your chance to do it!

Amazing news – for the first time, mypokercoaching.com is open for poker and casino guest post contributions.

MyPokerCoaching is one of the leading poker blogs in the gambling industry, which reaches tens of thousands of users and covers everything there is to know about various poker games, strategies, tips, and even casinos.

All you need to do is write for us and submit your guest post showing your experience or interesting opinion on gambling, casino, or poker subject.

If you have a passion for this game, you will surely know what to write. Here are a couple of topic ideas that could be featured on our site:

  • Poker strategy articles
  • Poker tips and advice
  • How to guides
  • Casino tips and tricks
  • Breakdown of casino games
  • Gambling industry news
  • Other interesting topics

These are just a few examples to get you going in the right direction. If your guest post is related to poker or casino games, it has a high chance of being accepted.

However, we reserve the right to deny your submission if we do not see it fit for our site without any explanation so make sure to check out our editorial guidelines below, before submitting your post.



Guest posting on established sites gives you a chance to reach a new audience, establish yourself as an expert, and boost your following on social media platforms.

On top of that, many writers featured on our site are contacted by others and get paid for their texts.

If this is something you are looking for, we can offer you a great platform with an engaged audience to share your knowledge and get recognized in the gambling industry. As a result of contributing articles for our site, you will build a loyal fan base and the name for yourself.

Many great writers are looking to be discovered, and we are happy to help you become featured on our platform and other media sites.

P.S. We only accept articles relater to poker and casinos to some extent.


To be considered for guest posting on mypokercoaching.com, you need to make sure you can pass our editorial guidelines since we do not compromise on quality.

While we do not require special experience or credentials when writing for us, understanding casinos, poker, and gambling industries will help you create outstanding content.

We expect you to be passionate about your topic, do your research, and communicate in English. Here are our editorial guidelines that you should follow:

  • Only interesting and useful content (no promotional materials) – we concentrate on publishing informative and unique content with tips, strategies, case studies, or your opinion on relevant topics.
  • Guest posts must be 100% original. We will check for plagiarism and never approve copied articles or even some parts of the content. We never tolerate copy-cats and will only work with original guest posts.
  • At least 1000 words. We do not publish short pieces since we can’t cover an interesting topic well in 300 words. 1000 words are the absolute minimum, but you might make it 1500+ while concentrating on useful and relevant information. Do your research and prepare an engaging article as well as a catchy title and headings.
  • Your poker article must be written in proper English. Proficiency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation is necessary since that is needed for any professional writer in gambling or any other industry. If English is not your native language, we recommend using Grammarly for that.
  • Guest post needs to have a clear structure – the format of your article also plays a huge role, so make sure to edit it in a way that would be easy to read. Short sentences, spaces between paragraphs, and proper heading structure will go a long way.
  • Don’t repeat yourself – you should not be repeating yourself to reach the word limit, since we will not accept such a piece. If you opt to write for us casino, poker, or gambling content, make sure to create useful articles and avoid saying the same things or even repeating the same words too often.
  • You can’t publish the same article on other sites – if we accept and publish your content, you agree not to publish the same article anywhere else.
  • You don’t need to add images –to use an image, you need to have permission to do so and own the rights to it, so it is much easier to take relevant images from stock photo directories, and we will do that for you. Of course, if you want to include a specific image, please add it, but that does not guarantee it will be included with the article.

By sending us your article, you agree that all rights to the content and intellectual property, including but not limited to publishing, editing, and copyrights, belongs to MyPokerCoaching.

If you are article is approved to be published on our site, you agree that we hold all of the rights to edit, add or remove separate parts from your content or rework it in any way that we see fit. We will also reserve the right to add inner links to relevant articles and outgoing links to authority sites or any destination that we see fit.


Personal writing style does the best job as far as we see from our stats, so we encourage you to keep it straight and simple. Of course, when you write for us a guide for casino games, gambling tips, or poker content, you might use relevant industry slang, but do not take it too far.

A couple of good rules are:

  • Avoid excessive use of complex words. Simple texts do much better almost in all categories, so imagine yourself explaining things to a child and write for us in that way.
  • Make it fun and engaging. People are looking to have fun and a good time when browsing online, so making your articles boring is the worst thing you can do.
  • Make it easy to read. Formatting is one of the most important things, so try to break down all text in small paragraphs so that it would be easy to follow both on the phone and desktop.


We offer you a platform to share your ideas with thousands of readers and get recognition in the poker world. On top of that, we can link to your social media profile.

We will not be accepting links to gambling or casino websites, and if you are looking to promote your site, that can be made via “paid posting.”

P.S. – If you have any questions regarding our link policy, please contact us and be happy to help.

Promotional content

Please don’t write to us with the hope of getting a link to commercial websites, affiliate listings, or any product pages. All of this falls under the “paid posting,” and we will never feature it for free.

If you want to promote your site that falls to any of the commercial categories, send us an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Sponsored article”

How to send my guest posts

Firstly, we recommend to send us your topic ideas to prevent working on something that we would not be able to publish. When we confirm the topic, you can work on the content.

We accept Word Documents or Google Docs, so as soon as you have the final draft of your poker or casino article, you can write to us again and add it to the email.

You can reach us directly by sending an email:

A direct email to [email protected]

Subject: Guest Posting (in case of actual guest post)

Subject: Sponsored article (if you want to add commercial site)

Email: Topics you want to cover and a website you want to link to in case of advertising


  • Can I include my BIO when sending a casino, poker, or gambling article to you?

    Yes, when you write for us, you can include a short bio up to 50 words as well as your image, and we will be happy to feature it along with your author tab.

    This will also help you build authority in the gambling niche, so we encourage you to fill your BIO, highlight your experience and expertise, or include some fun facts.

  • Do you accept other advertising options?

    Yes. We offer various advertising options on our website, such as banner placement or sponsored content, so contact us to discuss what would work best in your exact situation.

    The best email to reach that is: [email protected]

    Subject: advertising

  • When will my article be published?

    We can’t guarantee fast publishing because we work with a lot of content, but if your article is approved for our site, we will put it in our schedule and let you know when it goes live.

    For the most part, we try to publish new content in a couple of days, but it might take a week or so if we are swamped with articles.

  • Can you share poker guest posts featured on your site?

    If you write for us poker guest post, we expect it to be interesting and relevant for our audience and feature a personal writing style. Here are a couple of examples:



  • Can you share casino guest posts featured on your site?

    When you write for us casino content, we want to see articles highlighting various tips or breaking down the rules for specific games so that it would be useful for our audience. Here are a couple of examples:




  • Can you share gambling guest posts featured on your site?

    We expect only the highest quality articles if you decide to write for us gambling content since we need to make it relevant to our audience without standing out from the whole website theme.



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