What Are Pocket Rockets In Poker?

What Are Pocket Rockets In Poker

In poker, “Pocket Rockets” is a slang term that refers to a starting hand consisting of two Aces.

In other words, when a player is holding pocket Aces as his hole cards, his hand can be referred to as Pocket Rockets. The term “Pocket Rockets” is used for two aces because the capital “A,” a symbol displayed on an actual Ace card, visually reminds a rocket shape.

Pocket Aces are the strongest starting hand in poker variants like Texas Hold’em, and this hand can also be referred to as “American Airlines” or “Bullets.”

Pocket Rockets Example:

The six possible combinations of “Pocket Rockets” in Texas Hold’em:

  • As Ad
  • As Ac
  • As Ah
  • Ad Ac
  • Ad Ah



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