Which Are the Most Popular Casino Games for Ladies?

popular ladies casino games

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Online gambling is not only common to men; ladies gamble too. And the earlier we accept it, the better. Statistics from online casinos state a substantial percentage of their monthly customers are female.

So it is about time we let go of the stereotype that secludes women from gambling because stats from everywhere in the world, be it online casino Hungary, other Europe countries, the US, or even Asia, tell us otherwise. To shed more light on it, we will look at the most popular casino games among ladies.


It is undeniable that almost everyone loves slots, and women are not exempted. Slots are arguably the most common online casino games, and it seems ladies contribute to the numbers.

Women that don't fancy table games turn to slots as the next best alternative, and we understand; they are fun! In addition, they have a short learning curve which makes them easy to catch.

Additionally, online slots offer so much variety these days. There are games covering all sorts of themes, allowing players to pick and choose titles that really resonate with their preferences.


Roulettes have been warming our hearts since the 1800s, and the same goes for ladies. They seem to prefer the European roulette over the American variant.

what games ladies can enjoy at a casino

It is quite understandable because winning is not so difficult in this game. Besides, European roulette is the easier version. Who doesn't like something that is not so hard and would make you money? Not ladies!


Don't let the number of men playing poker in brick-and-mortar casinos fool you; ladies love it too. But they seem to go with the online variant.

You may not find much of them in physical casinos, which may be because of the belief that ladies are not good at it. However, their performance in online poker will show you otherwise.

At this pace, we will start seeing more women in online poker tournaments. And not only will it encourage other ladies, but it will also help to do away with the unnecessary stereotypes. Of all the poker types, the most popular among women is the Texas Hold 'em.

Other common types of poker among ladies are:

  • Omaha
  • 7-Card Stud
  • 5-Card Draw
  • High/Low Chicago
  • Follow the Queen

As you can see, women enjoy playing poker just as much as men and many of them are perfectly comfortable playing different variations of the game beyond Hold 'em.


Many people believe that bingo is for old people. While that was true in the past, the world is rapidly changing. We see more young gamblers enjoying this casino game, and ladies are not left out.

The gentle pace is something ladies fancy, and they are getting good at it. And now that bingo is also breaking into the online space, the numbers are skyrocketing.

why ladies enjoy bingo

Women certainly have an eye for something good, and they recognize bingo as being in that group. It may not be the most profitable casino game in existence, but it's certainly a fun and relaxing one.


You may not have heard of Slingo before; most females have. Slingo is a combination of bingo and slots; it represents a perfect blend of both.

And if you know how to play either of the two, you won't have a hard time figuring out your way around Slingo.

That aside, ladies are regular customers of this game. We don't know the exact reason, but they seem to like the mid-pace, with the low risk and high reward aspects Slingo is able to offer.

Wrap Up

If you formerly had the stereotype that women don't gamble, it is about time you let it go. Even previous yearly statistics support that ladies take an active part in gambling.

And if you are a lady that feels the need to hide your gambling, it is not necessary. You'd be surprised by how numerous and successful your fellow women are in this industry!

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