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Last Updated: September 2, 2022


Rather than consuming random content and trying to learn strategies that do not fit together into one picture, you can take your game to the next level with a complete poker training program – Crush Live Games!

Learn how to read your opponents, understand behaviour, timing, and verbal tells to make better decisions every time when you play!

I will show you to prepare for your games, lay strong foundations and master the strategy part so that you would not waste any time and can start beating your games! You will get everything in one place:

  • PREFLOP STRATEGY FOR CASH GAMES – Master advanced preflop strategies for Cash Games, learn how to be unbeatable and make the most money exploiting players in every possible situation! Value: 197€
  • PREFLOP STRATEGY FOR MTTs – Learn advanced preflop strategies for MTTs, understand how to change your ranges when stacks get shorter and how to use blockers to the fullest! Value: 497€
  • C-BETTING AND BARRELING GUIDE – Learn how to group hands into different groups and understand when to c-bet and barrel in every possible situation and how to make more money by checking! Value: 197€
  • PRINTING MONEY FROM THE BLINDS – Learn how to crush your competition by adopting a very aggressive big blind strategy, and start printing money from this position by forcing opponents to make mistakes! Value: 197€
  • MASTER 3-BET POTS AS A CALLER – Learn how to exploit other players in 3-bet pots after calling preflop and understand how and when you could put pressure on your opponents by raising or floating wide! Value: 197€
  • BLUFFING AND BLUFF CATCHING – Identify the most profitable bluffing and bluff-catching spots and master crucial topics, such as blockers, sizing, counting combinations and much more! Value: 197€
  • READ YOUR OPPONENTS LIKE A PRO – Learn how to read your opponents and understand behavior, timing, and verbal tells to make better decisions every time when you play! Value: 297€
  • CRUSH LIVE POKER GAMES – Learn how to adjust your bet sizing when playing live, how to counter multiway pots and what exploitative strategies you should be using to win even more money! Value: 297€

Total value 2076€ but NOW ONLY 397€!

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