Live Casino – What Is It and Why Is It So Popular in Belgium?

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Last Updated: October 4, 2022

Gambling and games of chance require luck instead of skill. Since the Middle Ages, Belgium has been considered a hub for culture and business. Since then, it's been home to many high-end casinos for rich people to visit and play cards.

However, Belgian law strictly regulates gambling. Customs and regulations vary in other countries when it comes to gambling.

Some claim that Belgians, in particular, love to gamble in person; however, many also claim they enjoy betting both online and in public places, especially loving online poker Belgie and the profit that comes with it.

Gambling businesses have been considered an epidemic due to their profitability and the difficulty of regulating them without proper infrastructure. Many countries have prohibited public gambling on the web due to this risk.

Still, more have recently allowed web-based gambling due to the potential effect unregulated businesses could have on their citizens.

The Basics of Live Platforms

Employing real human casino dealers requires a significant investment. Having live dealers in a casino means being constantly connected to WiFi or mobile data.

Players can communicate with the dealers through designated chat boxes while connected to video feeds in different casino areas. This allows them to place wagers and ask questions as needed.

Live-dealer casinos employ numerous people to maintain their systems. Pit bosses, camera operators, croupiers, and information managers work at these facilities.

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This is because these casinos are not entirely digital and automated; players can still wager through designated chat boxes when interacting with a live dealer through a video feed.

Players can also connect to the live dealers through WiFi or mobile data while at the casino. Employees at websites that provide roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker need to work.

Because these sites only offer a few games, it's implied that many of these workers wouldn't be required if the sites were automated.

Legalization and Main Rules

The strict Belgian Gaming Act states that anybody looking to provide online gambling services in Belgium must possess a license to open a physical venue.

Consequently, it's difficult for new businesses to get licensed; they must start a business in another country.

In Belgium, the Belgium Gaming Commission requires firms to obtain a license to serve citizens. Failure to do so results in their names being added to a restricted list.

Some businesses choose to ignore this rule and are still added to the list anyway. In some cases, these businesses could remove themselves from the list by obtaining a license from Casino Kursaal Oostende NV.

Economic Benefits

Belgium opened its doors to online gambling in 2011. Since then, many other European countries have banned all internet-based gambling activities due to hosting members of the European Union.

However, the Belgians wanted to maintain some control over both physical and digital casinos to prevent people from becoming addicted to gambling.

This was motivated by a desire to preserve their culture, which is one of the primary reasons tourists visit the country.

Belgium's government incentives for new businesses are one reason the country is known for its many casinos.

A direct incentive is to employ more people and generate more income for the government. This prompted an internet gambling site to open in Belgium in 2011; it was the first of its kind in the country.

One of the oldest Belgian casinos is The Casino at Spa, founded a while back. In Belgium, the demand for products is high, and operating a business comes with a higher cost.

Despite this, more people have started new companies in the country since the opportunity to make money is the biggest motivation. Because of the high-profit margins of Belgian land-based casinos, many tourist hubs have been created.

Recently, Belgian online casino platforms have been designed to provide additional entertainment options for tourists. This was due to a desire to offer more options for tourists to enjoy themselves while in the country.

In Belgium, people can win jackpots and bonuses while playing cell phone casino games at online gambling sites. Additionally, foreign companies can apply for licenses to operate in the Belgian casino market.

Types of Casinos and Wagering

Belgium has a large fanbase for soccer; consequently, they love to gamble on matches and tournaments. Many Belgians also invest in nearby casinos with dominoes, dice, and slot machines for playing.

In many countries, gambling goes beyond purchasing lottery tickets. Many people wager on sports even though it's illegal in some places.

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Anything resembling gambling is strictly disapproved of, and they aren't allowed to obtain licenses for activities in these regions, not in Belgium, though.

Minors' gambling in video games is a concern because some believe it could make the behavior acceptable. For this reason, gamers welcomed Belgium's decision to ban in-game loot boxes for minor purchasers.

What Games to Enjoy in Belgium

Casinos have many games available simultaneously that are popular for people to pick from. Slot machines are the most popular gambling game in the world. They require far less oversight and regulation than other forms of gambling.

Every slot machine site requires its own specific license; every sports betting site requires one approval in addition to this.

Many online casinos provide additional bonuses or free spins to their players. People enjoy playing games that require skill instead of luck. This is because they want to experience an offline poker room similar to a social game.

These players don't want to rely on luck when playing in online casinos. Instead, they prefer to play with live dealers in rooms that offer a more authentic and engaging experience.

Compared to other versions of blackjack, the live-dealer version offers a lower house edge and a reduced cost to players. Because of this, many casino owners prefer the live-dealer version of blackjack over other versions.

Sports Betting and Events

Belgium's Hippodrome de Mons-Ghlin and Waregem Stadium have hosted horse racing events for many years. Horses have specific benefits not afforded to football in this country.

Some of these benefits were annulled by the constitutional court, while others were confirmed. One positive effect granted horse racing event organizers special rights and made it illegal to host similar races nearby.

Football positively and negatively affects the national team of this country. In addition, organizers must pay a fee to hold betting events. Despite these drawbacks, football has many benefits, thanks to the improvement of the national football team.

Final Thoughts

In Belgium, gambling is considered an essential aspect of culture and economy. However, its taboo nature is similar to how illegal activities are viewed in other countries.

Some people believe that the methods employed by Belgian officials to protect players are ineffective and outdated. Recent shifts in gambling have been from land-based forms to methods using the internet or smartphones.

The Belgian Gambling Commission may soon eliminate a connection between land-based gambling methods and gambling locations.

This connection was implemented about a decade ago, allowing larger casino companies to offer various games at their locations. If eliminated, online gambling sites would provide even more options for gamers to choose from.

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