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Chris Moneymaker – Enjoying The Life and Crushing Poker For Decades

Chris Moneymaker Interview

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Posted by: Ivan

One of the primary sponsors of the 2021 World Series of Poker, VELO, is running a campaign to help players see how poker skills can transition to other areas in life. Thanks to them, we could chat with none other than the man who started the poker boom and was one of the main catalysts for massive poker adoption.

Chris Moneymaker agreed to share his experience, thoughts, and advice in this interview.

Some of his poker hands as an insane bluff against Sam Farha will never be forgotten, so I doubt you can find a better way to spend half an hour of your time than to listen to crazy stories that a guy who lived through it all has in store.

What we covered inside Chris Moneymaker interview

  • What Chris Moneymaker is up to these days
  • How a life of a poker ambassador actually looks
  • How he managed to stay away from huge controversies
  • How things developed after his Main Event win
  • His golden poker advice that you just can’t miss
  • How poker skills can help you in other areas of life
  • Crazy joke about his last name and how people can’t believe it
  • How COVID influenced his poker and everyday life
  • Predictions for US online poke regulations
  • Plans for the future and more

If you care to learn more about Chris Moneymaker's poker journey or his recent plans and endeavors, you just have to see this video below!

Check the full interview here:

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