New High Stakes Poker Brings Crazy Action & Big Pots All Over the Shot


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Last Updated: March 27, 2022

If you had any doubts about the new season of High Stakes Poker, I’m confident they’ll melt away after the latest episode.

With multiple six-figure pots, big hands, and crazy bluffs, it had everything a poker fan could possibly ask for.

Jennifer Tilly was involved in quite a few of these, but the rest of the lineup wasn’t sitting around with their hands behind their backs, either.

So, without further ado, we’re bringing you a few of the biggest and most interesting hands that marked the last session of High Stakes Poker.

Doyle Brunson Gets the Action Underway

We’re not used to seeing Doyle Brunson getting involved in too many hands, but on this particular occasion, Big Papa made it very clear he was itching to play.

On the very first hand of the session, he tried an unsuccessful bluff against Tilly, which saw him lose an almost $100K pot. But he was just warming up.

Shortly after, he got involved in a multi-way hand that started with Garret Adelstein raising with pocket Jacks and Liu 3-betting to $3,600.

Brunson looked down at A4 in the cutoff and decided to cold call, bringing in Tilly on the button.

When the action got back to Garret, he decided there were too many interested parties in this pot, so he fired a 4-bet to the tune of $20,000. The bet almost did the job, getting rid of everyone except Doyle.

The flop came 344, giving Brunson the trips, so when Adelstein fired a c-bet for $15,000, it was an easy call for Doyle.

Doyle Brunson gets busy on HSP

Player images courtesy of PokerGO

The turn 7 brought in the obvious flush draw, and Garret, holding a J, decided to check.

With over $78,000 in the middle and just $57,000 behind, Brunson moved all-in, putting Garret in a difficult spot.

After some deliberation, Adelstein made a reluctant call and got the bad news. The players decided to run it twice, and the first river brought the clubs flush for Garret, but it was the A, improving Brunson to a boat.

The second river was a blank, and Doyle started the night on a good note, dragging in an almost $200,000 pot.

Tilly Overplays Her Hand Against the “King of Slots”

Jennifer was in no folding mood, either, as she was seemingly involved in every hand. But, in a hand against Kim Hultman, a slots streamer and a poker aficionado, he pressed the issue a bit too far.

Tilly opened the action to $3,000 with KJ after Dwan limped in from the first position. Hultman found pocket deuces on the button and decided this was the right price to see the flop.

The flop came in the form of K92, giving Jen a top pair, which was miles behind Kim’s flopped set. She fired out a $5,000 continuation bet.

Jen Tilly vs Kim Hultman

Hultman decided not to slow-play his hand on this fairly wet board and raised to $17,000. Undeterred, Jen came over the top, making it $50,000 to go.

After some deliberation, Kim opted for a flat call, and the two proceeded to see the 4 on the turn.

This card slowed Tilly down as it completed potential flush draws, and she passed the action to Hultman. The King of Slots was clearly not as concerned, as he went for a bet of $50,000.

With the J in her hand as a backup, Jennifer called once again, ballooning the pot to over $200,000.

The river came one of the worst cards for Tilly, as J improved her to the top two pair. So, when Hultman eventually moved all-in for his last $78,000, she couldn’t get away.

Kim tabled his pocket ducks, and shortly after, the $367,200 pot was pushed in his direction. This was the largest pot we’ve seen on this season of HSP, but that will likely change in the future.

Krish Menon Pulls an Unorthodox Bluff

In a short interview segment on the latest episode, Krish Menon explained he fell in love with poker when he realized you didn’t need to have the best hand to win the pot.

Shortly after, he made a practical demonstration of what he meant by that.

Krish got involved in a 3-bet pot with 910 on the button. He was way behind Liu, who was the original 3-bettor with pocket jacks, and Jennifer Tilly, who decided to just call Liu’s 3-bet with AK.

The flop didn’t change much, as it came K72. Liu didn’t continue with her preflop aggression, so Tilly took over the initiative, betting $15,000.

After a short pause, Krish, with ten-high, announced he was all-in for $110,000. Liu quickly mucked her pocket jacks, and the decision was on Tilly.

It was an unorthodox play that had Jennifer confused for a brief moment, but eventually, she decided her hand was too strong to fold.

Tilly was somewhat shocked to see Menon’s hand but also relieved as she practically had a lock on the pot. Despite running the turn and the river twice, Krish didn’t get the help he needed, so he was felted, while Jen dragged in an almost $260K pot.

Much More Exciting Action Awaiting

If you don’t think this is enough, there are quite a few more interesting hands in the latest HSP show, including Garret’s river overbet vs. Tilly and Jen pulling a ballsy bluff against none other than Patrik Antonius.

The new season of High Stakes Poker continues to deliver great content, and with things heating up and stacks growing bigger, we can expect some even bigger pots down the road!

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