What Is A 2-Bet In Poker?

What Is A 2-Bet In Poker

2-bet, also known as a “raise,” refers to the 2nd bet made in the preflop betting round to increase the active bet's size.

The blinds are considered the first bet in a pre-flop betting round, and the first voluntary raise in the preflop betting round is called a 2-bet. The reason why the term “2-bet” is not used frequently in poker is that most of the time, this bet is referred to as simply a raise.

Additionally, in some forms of poker, such as Fixed Limit Hold’em, multiple bets and raises may be allowed in each betting street, making it confusing to use the term “2-bet” when describing a raise.

As a result, using the term “raise” is more appropriate and is understood by most players regardless of the specific poker variant being played.

Poker 2-Bet Example:

Let’s say that you are playing $3/$6 No-Limit Texas Holdem and bet $15 from UTG.

This $15 bet is called a 2-bet because it is the 2nd bet that increases the size of the active bet from $6 to $15 in the betting round, the blinds being the first forced bet.

If instead of raising to $15, you just called the BB’s 6$ bet and limp, your call would not be perceived as a 2-bet because it wouldn’t increase the size of the active bet.

However, instead of saying the UTG 2-bets to $15, most poker players will comment on your bet as “the UTG raises to $15” because this terminology has become a standard.



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