What Is A Flop In Poker?

What Is A Flop In Poker

In poker, the term ” flop ” is used to describe the first three community cards dealt face-up on the table after the initial preflop betting. 

Each player in the hand can use these three cards in combination with the two hole cards they are holding to make the best possible five-card combination.

Poker players use two main terms to categorize flops based on the cards that are drawn:

  • Dry flops – flops that consist of disconnected cards and offer no or very few drawing opportunities
  • Wet flops – flops that consist of connected cards and offer many drawing opportunities

Flop is a very important part of a poker hand as it can completely change the game's dynamics based on which cards are drawn. 

Poker Flop Example:

Imagine that you are playing Texas Holdem. After the first round of preflop betting ends, the dealer places As 8d and a 5c in the middle of the table.

In this hand, the As 8d and the 5c make the flop, and the action resumes for the players who make the decisions based on these cards.



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