What Is A Wet Board In Poker?

What Does Wet Mean In Poker

In poker, the term “wet board” describes community cards with many draw possibilities to straights, flushes, or both.

The opposite of wet boards is dry boards. The dry board is a term used to describe community cards that don’t offer many or any possibilities for straight and flushes.

In theory, wet boards are considered more favorable for players who called before the flop, as it is presumed that they have more drawing hands in their range than the players who are aggressors before the flop.

For this reason, poker theory advises preflop aggressors to use bigger sizings and to bet with a lower frequency on wet boards than on dry boards.

Poker Wet Board Example:

9d 8d 7s

Qh 9h Th

5s 6h 7s



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