What is A Pair In Poker?

What is A Pair In Poker

In poker, a pair refers to a hand combination of two cards of the same rank.

In games like Texas Hold’em, where players have two hole cards, a pair is a very significant hand. It is the 10th strongest hand in Texas Hold’em, which beats a high card but loses to two pairs.

However, because it is very hard to make a pair, holding this combination is enough for players to win the pot most of the time.

The strongest pair in poker is a pair of aces (AA), while the weakest pair is a pair of deuces (22).

Poker Pair Example:

Imagine that you are holding QT suited, and the board is 8d 7d 6s Qh As.

In this situation, you are essentially holding a pair of queens with a ten kicker, which will be used to break the tie if needed.



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