What Does Suited In Poker Mean?

What Does Suited In Poker Mean

In poker, the term “suited” refers to a starting hand that consists of two cards that are of the same suit.

Suited hands are considered to be more valuable than offsuit hands, which consist of two cards of different suits. Suited hands give the player a higher chance of making a flush, which is one of the strongest hands in poker, and this gives suited hands high equity preflop.

In addition to having a higher chance of hitting a flush, suited hands also have a higher chance of flopping or turning a draw or a runner runner, which means that the player holding a suited hand will have more opportunities to make his opponent fold a better hand by semi-bluffing.

Poker Suited Hand Example:

  • Ad Kd – ace king suited
  • Ac Kh – ace king offsuit

If we take a hand like AK, for example, we can see the difference in equities between the suited and the offsuit version against a hand like pocket queens.

  • Ad Kd, which is a suited hand, has 46% equity against Qs Qd 
  • Ac Kh, which is offsuit hand, has 43% equity against Qs Qd

As you can see, there is a 3% difference in equity between the suited and the offsuit version of AK against an underpair, which is very significant.



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