What Is A Flush In Poker?

What Is A Flush In Poker

In poker, a card combination of five cards in the same suit, regardless of their rank, is called a flush.

There are three different types of flushes in poker:

  • The “basic” flush – five cards in the same suit that are not connected
  • The straight flush – five consecutive cards in the same suit
  • The Royal flush – five cards in the same suit from Ace to Ten

Poker players exclusively refer to the “basic” flush when using the term poker flush. The flush is the 5th strongest hand combination in poker, and it ranks highest than a straight but lower than a full house.

The highest-ranking card in the hand determines the strength of each flush. For example, Ks 9s 8s 6s 3s would win against Qs Js Ts 7s 5s because King is higher than Q.

If multiple combinations share the same highest-ranking card, then the 2nd highest-ranking card is used to determine the winner. For example, Ks Qs 9s 7s 6s is higher than Ks Js Ts 8s 5s. The suits do not matter in flush rankings.

Poker Flush Examples:

As Js 9s 6s 2s – an ace-high flush, often referred to as nut flush.

Td 9d 7d 3d 2d – a ten high flush.

9s 8s 7s 6s 5s – a straight flush.

Ad Kd Qd Jd Td – royal flush.



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