What Is Ace High In Poker?

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Last Updated: April 11, 2023

What Is Ace High In Poker

In poker, the term “ace high” refers to a hand in which the highest card is an ace but does not have any pairs, straights, flushes, or other made hands.

Ace high is an important hand in poker because it allows the player holding it to win the pot in situations in which none of the players has a complete combination, according to poker hand rankings.

Poker players often use the term “ace high” to highlight a big play they made, whether calling down an opponent's bluff with ace high or bluffing their opponent off the pot while only having an ace-high hand.

In theory, ace high is only poker's 10th strongest hand combination. However, it plays a much bigger role in practice for the reasons mentioned above.

When it comes to ranking, if multiple opponents hold ace-high combinations, the strongest combination will be the one that has the strongest 2nd ranking card in the combination.

Ad Ks 7s 6d 5d  v Ad Qs 8d 7s 6d

In this scenario, the first ace high combination outranks the second combination because the 2nd highest card in the first combination (K) outranks the 2nd highest card in the second combination (Q).

Poker Ace High Example:

Let’s say you are holding Ac Kc, and the board is 7s 6d Jd Tc 2s.

In this situation, the best five-card combination that you can put together is Ac Kc Jd Tc 7s, or in other words, ace high.



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