What Is A Nut Flush In Poker?

What Is A Nut Flush In Poker

In poker, a nut flush is a hand combination that consists of five cards in the same suit, with the highest card being an ace.

A nut flush is considered one of the best possible poker hands because it beats many other holdings and only loses to a full house or stronger combinations that are very rare. On top of that, this hand has great implied odds against other flushes.

In other words, the added value of the nut flush is that you will win a big pot when your opponents have a lower flush.

For this reason, hands that can make the nut flush, such as suited aces, are some of the most valuable hands in deep stack games.

Poker Nut Flush Example:

Let’s say you are holding Ah 5h in Texas Holdem, and the board is 7h 9d Jh 6s Qh.

In this situation, the best possible hand you can put together is Ah Qh Jh 7h 5h, or the ace high flush, also known as the nut flush.



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