What Is A Pot In Poker?

What Is A Pot In Poker

In poker, the term pot refers to the amount of money in the middle of the table at a particular time in the hand.

When players place their bets in poker, the chips are put into the table's center and referred to as the pot. The pot includes all of the chips used for betting, raising, or calling by the players during poker hands, as well as blinds and antes.

On the other hand, the term pot can also be used to describe a bet sizing made of the same amount of chips as the pot. That is a popular way to bet in pot-limit games such as PLO, where the maximum bet you can make is the size of the pot.

Poker Pot Example:

Imagine playing a $1/$2 Texas Hold’em cash game and sitting on the button. The UTG player raises to $6, hijack and cutoff folds, and you decide to 3-bet to $18. Both small blind and big blind folds, and the UTG player makes the call.

At this point in the hand, the pot is $39.

$1 from the small blind, $2 from the big blind, and you and the UTG player committed $18 each before the flop.

Pot Example For Bet Sizing

Imagine that you are playing Pot Limit Omaha and want to make the biggest bet in this format.

By saying: “Pot” or “I bet pot,” you are communicating to the dealer and other players at the table that your bet will be the same size as the current size of the pot.



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