What Is The Cutoff In Poker?

What Is The Cutoff In Poker

In poker, the term “Cutoff” refers to a position at a poker table located on the direct right of the Button, with only three players sitting behind him.

The Cutoff is considered the second-best position in poker since it has the positional advantage over all other positions except the Button. This positional advantage allows the player in the CO to see what his opponents will do before it is his turn to act.

Regarding MTTs, the CO position allows players to take advantage of some great steal spots and fold marginal hands if there has been a lot of action preflop.

It can be argued that being in the CO position in cash games has even more benefits since there is a lot more postflop play, leading to more situations in which positional advantage is crucial for winning the pot.

Poker Cutoff Example:

After seeing that one player before him made a raise, and another player made a 3-bet, the player in the CO decided to take advantage of the additional information he gathered and folded his pocket pair of 9s, a hand he would usually play if there were less action in the hand.

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