What Is A Fold In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 18, 2023

What Is A Fold In Poker

In poker, the term “fold” is used to describe the act of surrendering in the hand and giving up the pot.

When you fold, you are forfeiting your cards and any bets you have placed into the pot and no longer participate in the hand.

Folding when they are beaten is something that many players struggle with. However, folding is a crucial part of poker strategy as it allows you to conserve your stack and avoid losing money with weak hands.

For this reason, you should not look at folding as a sign of weakness. Instead, you should look at it as a sign of strength because it shows that you can make smart decisions and stay disciplined.

Don’t let your ego stand in the way of making disciplined folds, and remember that with each good fold, you are making money in the long run.

Poker Fold Example:

Imagine that you are playing Texas Holdem, and your opponent makes a raise, and you look at your cards and see 9c4s, so you throw your hole cards toward the middle of the table.

This action of throwing away your hole cards because you do not want to continue participating in the hand is called folding. If you are playing poker online, this is done virtually but also has the same name.

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