What Is The Hijack In Poker?

What Is The Hijack In Poker

In poker, the term “Hijack” refers to a position at the poker table immediately to the CO's right and two seats to the right of the BTN.

Being in the HJ position is considered advantageous because the player in this position gets to act after most of the other players at the table postflop, except for those in the BTN and the CO position.

A preflop raise from the HJ is usually treated with respect since most players have reasonably tight ranges from this position. On average, players mostly raise for value from the HJ, and steal attempts are not as nearly common as stealth from the CO or the BTN.

Poker Hijack Example:

After the UTG player folded, the player in the HJ made a raise with 9s 8s in an attempt to steal the pot since both the CO and the BTN are tight players who will not play back unless they have a strong hand. And if the SB or the BB make a call, he will have a position on them in each betting round after the flop.

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