What Does In Position Mean In Poker?

What Does In Position Mean In Poker

The term “in position” is used in poker to describe the last player to act in the betting round.

Players in position have the privilege of seeing what their opponent will do before they act, which gives them the advantage during the hand and allows them to adjust their strategy.

For this reason, poker players will always mention which player is in position when talking about a specific poker hand.

With this said, the only player guaranteed to be in position post-flop is the player on the Button.

The post-flop position of all other players, except the SB, who is guaranteed to be out of position, is relative and depends on the pre-flop action and which players are still in the hand.

In Position Example:

The UTG player opens to 3bb, the HJ folds, the CO makes a 3-bet to 9bb, BTN, SB, and BB fold. The action is back on the UTG player, who 4-bet to 33bb. The CO being in position, decides to call.

In this situation, the term “in position” is used to justify the CO's call. If the Cutoff player was out of position, it would probably make more sense for him to re-raise or fold. However, because he will be in a position in each betting round, he will get to see what his opponent does before he has to act, which gives him additional information and increases the EV of his hand.



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