What is a 4-Bet In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 16, 2023

What is a 4-Bet In Poker

When someone makes a 3-bet, and you decide to re-raise, your bet is characterized as a 4-bet.

As the name suggests, the 4-bet got its name from being the fourth bet that increases the size of the active bet pre-flop.

  • The blinds are the first bet
  • The initial open raise is the 2-bet
  • The first re-raise is the 3-bet
  • And the bet that re-raises the 3-bet is the 4-bet

Poker players rarely make 4-bets after the flop, so if you hear the term 4-bet, you can automatically assume that it describes a pre-flop situation.

A 4-bet can be a great option when you have a good hand and want to put as much money in the pot as possible or to bluff an opponent who is 3-betting way too much. 4-bets are pretty rare in poker, so if you are making one, you should expect that your opponents will put you on a narrow range of poker hands, which can go in your favor and help you win pots even when you don’t have a made hand

Poker 4-Bet Example:

You are playing in a $2/$5 cash game, and you have pocket rockets in the SB. UTG and HJ fold, CO raises to $12, BTN 3-bets to $30, and since you are holding the best possible hand, you decide to re-raise to $80, thus making a 4-bet.

In this situation, you are trying to put more money into the pot with a premium hand by 4-betting.

Furthermore, you are trying to push out one opponent from the hand and go heads up to the flop, thus reducing the chances of your opponent out-flopping you and having to play a multiway pot out of position. Idealy, your opponent 5-bet and puts you all in.

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