What Is All-In In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 16, 2023

What Is All-In In Poker

In poker, the term “All in” describes a situation in which a player bets all of his remaining chips.

After a player goes all in, he is eligible to win the pot, but he cannot make any further bets or raises since he has no chips left in front of him.

Some of the basic rules of all-ins in poker are:

  • A player can only go all in for the number of chips he has in front of him at the table.
  • If a player goes all in and another player makes a larger bet, the additional chips will go into a side pot which can be won only by the players who have contributed chips to this pot.
  • In no-limit games, a player can go all in at any point during a game as long as it is his turn to act. On the other hand, in pot limit and fixed limit games, the player can go all in only if the maximum bet size allows it.
  • If a player is forced to go all due to not having enough chips to make a regular call, they can only win the number of chips they put in from each opponent.

In general, the rules of all in are pretty straightforward and logical, and with some playing experience, you will learn them in no time. 

On a separate note, sometimes players like to splash the pot when going all in at live games, but make sure to avoid this since it can create a lot of confusion.

Poker All-In Example:

Imagine a situation in which you want to bet all of your chips, so you push your stack to the middle of the table. This move is characterized as going all in since you have made a bet using all the chips available.

It is also known as a jam, just make sure to avoid making a string bet for it to be valid in live games.

If you happen to move all in before the final card is dealt, you have the option to run it twice or take insurance if you are playing in cash games.

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