What Is A String Bet In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 19, 2023

What Is A String Bet In Poker

In poker, a “string bet” term describes an action in which a player puts chips into the pot in multiple motions instead of a single move.

String betting is considered poor poker etiquette and is generally discouraged as an angle shooting move. For this reason, it is always a good idea to verbally declare how much you intend to bet before placing any chips into the pot.

Firstly it can give the player making a bet an unfair advantage by allowing them to see their opponent’s reaction to the first part of the bet before deciding whether to commit more chips.

Secondly, string betting can also create confusion and misunderstanding at the table, as other players may not be clear on the amount being bet, leading to disputes and arguments. This can slow down the game and create a lot of tension and a negative atmosphere.

For this reason, string betting is not a legal way of making a bet in most casinos, and only the initial part of your will count. Sometimes players accidentally string bet when trying to splash the pot, so you should always avoid it.

Poker String Bet Example:

Let’s say that you decide to make a $100 bet during a hand of Texas Hold 'em

Instead of announcing the bet amount or putting the full $100 into the pot in one motion, you first place $50 into the pot and then add another $50.

This way of placing chips into the pot would be interpreted as string betting because you did not declare the full intended bet amount clearly, and then you proceeded to put money into the pot in multiple motions.

This can result in your opponent interpreting the initial $50 you placed into the pot as a full bet and proceeding to make his move without knowing you intended to bet more money.

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