What Is A Runner Runner In Poker?

What Is A Runner Runner In Poker

“Runner runner” is a poker term that refers to a specific type of hand in which the player must hit specific cards on both the turn and the river to complete his hand.

Poker hand combinations that need runner runner cards are usually low in equity, or in other words, they have low chances of winning the pot.

For this reason, when using the term runner runner in poker, in addition to explaining the hand, the players also want to emphasize how “lucky” the player was or needs to be to win the hand. If you happen to win an all-in with a runner runner draw, it is considered unethical to hit and run, so you should avoid it.

Poker Runner Runner Example:

Imagine a situation in which you are all in with Ks Kd against an opponent holding pocket rockets, and the flop comes Ah 7s 8d.

In this hand, your opponent is holding a set of Aces, which means that the only way you can beat him is if you make quad Kings, and for this to happen, you need to hit a King on both the turn and the river.

In other words, you need to hit runner runner kings to win the pot with the nuts.



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