What Does Hit and Run Means In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 18, 2023

What Does Hit and Run Means In Poker

In poker, a “hit and run” refers to a situation where a player immediately leaves the game after winning a large pot.

Or in other words, a player essentially takes the money and runs without giving other players a chance to win it back by continuing to play against them.

While hit and run is not illegal in poker like some angle shooting moves, it is considered bad etiquette because it disrupts the game's natural flow and deprives players of a chance to win their chips back after losing a large pot.

Because of this, poker players see it as selfish and unsportsmanlike behavior with which they take advantage of the situation without considering their opponents. Some OMC players are known to do this more often than others.

Overall, hit and turn is generally frowned upon in the poker community, and many players will actively avoid playing against players who engage in this behavior.

Poker Hit and Run Example:

Imagine a player sitting at a $5/$10 No Limit game of Texas Hold’em with $1,500. On the first hand, he goes all in on a rainbow board and manages to double his stack to $3,000 because he runs into a cooler.

Not wanting to risk losing the money he brought to the table and the profits he made on the first hand, he decides to get up from the table and leave.

This would be a classic example of a hit and run in poker since the player played only one poker hand, and after winning a 300bb pot, he decided to leave the game. No matter if you win via a coin flip or a suck out, you should avoid being a player who hits and runs.

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