What Is A Suck Out In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 19, 2023

What Is A Suck Out In Poker

In poker, the term “suck out” is used to describe a hand in which a player won the hand even though he has a statistically significantly inferior holding than his opponent.

Or in other words, it describes a situation in which the player with the worse hand got lucky and hit one of his outs to win the pot against a player who at first had the best hand.

Suck-outs can be extremely frustrating for players who lose their hands because they feel like the pot was stolen from them.

The consequences of a suckout can leave an extremely negative impact on players who do not have a strong mental game, which can lead to tilt and a lot of bad decisions.

For this reason, you must understand that suck outs are a normal part of the game, just like coolers. Just because you are the favorite to win the hand does not mean you will win it every time. It only means that you will win it the majority of the time.

In the end, you can only focus on making the best possible decisions with the information you have.

Poker Suck Out Example:

Imagine a situation in a Texas Holdem poker game where you go jam with pocket rockets, your opponent calls you with Kd Kc, and the board runs out Ks 7d 8d 7s 2c, causing you to lose the hand.

This situation could be described as a suck-out since you lost a hand where you were a big favorite.

Odds for each of the hands:

  • As Ad – 81.71%
  • Kd Kc – 17.82%
  • Tie – 0.46%

As you can see, even though you might think you deserve to win in this situation every time, your opponent still has around an 18% chance of winning the hand, which is not negligible.

Using this approach after suck outs will help you understand that even though you are winning money in situations like this one over the long run, you are still guaranteed to lose every now and then.

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