What Is A Rainbow In Poker?

What Is A Rainbow In Poker

In poker, the term “rainbow” refers to a flop or a board on which every card is of a different suit.

When the board is described as a rainbow, no player in the hand can have a flush or a flush draw.

However, although rainbow boards are mostly considered dry and without many or any possible draws, the reality is that this will also depend on the rankings of the cards on the board. Rainbow boards do not have any flushes or flush draws, but they can still contain straight draws and be considered wet.

With this said, in most situations, when players use the term rainbow to describe a board, they communicate that the preflop raiser still has the range advantage.

Poker Rainbow Board Example:

  • Flop – Qd 7s 5c
  • Turn – Js 9d 6h 3c



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