What Is A Turn In Poker?

What Is A Turn In Poker

In poker, the term ” turn ” is used to describe the fourth community card dealt face-up on the table after the second round of betting.

The turn card can change the board structure in several ways, including: 

  • Completing draws and creating new ones
  • Changing the texture of the board

Overall, like every other postflop street in poker, the turn can significantly impact the flow of the hand by changing the board structure and creating new opportunities for players to make hands or bluffs.

For this reason, having a well-constructed turn strategy is very important.

Poker Turn Example:

Imagine that you are playing Texas Holdem. There are three cards in the middle of the table Jh 7c 6d . After the flop betting round ends, the dealer puts another card face up in the middle of the table, the 5d.

In this situation, the 5d is the fourth community card, also known as the turn.

In this specific hand, the turn changes the dynamics of the hand completely by completing a straight draw and creating a couple of new straight draws and flush draws.



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