What Is The Nuts In Poker?

What Is The Nuts In Poker

In poker, the term “nuts” refers to the best possible card combination that can be made in a specific hand.

If a poker hand is considered the nuts, nothing can beat it, and you are guaranteed to win the pot if you have nuts.

The crucial thing is to understand that based on the community cards, the nut combination can change. In theory, the Royal Flush is the absolute nuts in Texas Hold’em. However, it's not possible to make this combination in most situations. 

Knowing which combination makes the nuts in a specific hand of poker is very important as it can either help you win a lot of chips or prevent you from losing a big pot.

Poker Nuts Example:

On a board of As 7d 9s, the absolute nuts would be pocket aces since it would give the player the top set – a hand combination that can’t be beaten on this board. That being said, nuts can quickly change in this situation on various turns and rivers.

If the turn comes 3s, pocket aces now lose to any flush, and the nuts would be nut flush with a hand like Ks4s.

The river can change everything again if it pairs the board. Let’s say 7c comes on the river, so now the nuts would be pocket sevens giving you the quads. On top of that, any full house now beats the flush.

As you see, nuts can change throughout the hand, especially on wet boards. On the other hand, if you hold pocket aces on a dry board like Ac 7s 2d, you are way less likely to be outdrawn.



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