What Is Offsuit In Poker?

What Is Offsuit In Poker

In poker, the term “offsuit” refers to a starting hand combination consisting of two cards of different suits.

Offsuit hands are considered less valuable than suited hands because suited ones have a higher chance of making a flush, one of the strongest hands in poker, which gives suited hands higher equity pre-flop.

In addition to having a lower chance of hitting a flush, offsuit hands also have a lower chance of flopping or turning a draw, which means that the player holding an offsuit hand will have less chance to make his opponent fold a better hand with a semi bluff.

Offsuit Poker Hand Example:

As Kd – ace king offsuit

As Ks – ace king suited

If we take a hand like AK, for example, we can see the difference in equities between the suited and the offsuit version against a hand like pocket queens.

  • As Ks has 46% equity against Qc Qh while
  • As Kd has 42.55% equity against Qc Qh

As you can see, there is a 3.5% difference between the suited and the offsuit version of AK, which is very significant in the long run.



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